Collective Bargaining

Our public service is the best in the world. You give your best at home and in your community. Every day you challenge yourself to do better.

Isn’t it time for your employer to do the same?

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  • Canadians expect the Federal Government to be a model employer and ensure employees are able to give their best in the workplace and to their families. You deserve improved family leave.
  • A healthy and respectful workplace benefits everyone. You deserve stronger anti-harassment protections.
  • Phoenix has hit hard. Your employer has work to do to ensure this is never repeated. You deserve pay protections and a pay increase that reflects the real cost of living.

All collective agreements expired in 2018, and it is time for their renewal. Your bargaining team is working hard on your group’s new collective agreement. The central negotiation table, where you are represented or where your group is represented, is currently working for better family leave, anti-harassment policies and fair pay. Show your support and our collective strength – sign up to support the campaign!

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You can stay up-to-date on the latest developments of your bargaining team by reading the updates section below or visiting your Group’s web page directly.


Central Bargaining Updates

2 May 2019
The PIPSC Central Table Bargaining Team met with Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) representatives on April 24th and 25th. The two parties have continued to exchange counter-proposals.
3 April 2019
The PIPSC Central Table Bargaining Team met with Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) representatives from March 26 - 28, 2019. The two parties are beginning to narrow their focus.
5 February 2019
The PIPSC Central Table Bargaining Team met with Treasury Board representatives from January 29 - 31, 2019 and engaged in a constructive discussion.
4 December 2018
In order to improve the efficiency of negotiations the PIPSC Central Bargaining Team electronically exchanged proposals with Treasury Board on November 2, 2018.
4 December 2018
Here are the bargaining proposals that were exchanged between the PIPSC Central Bargaining Table and Treasury Board.
12 October 2018
As bargaining season is upon us we are Better Together. Building on our success with Work Force Adjustment and our excellent progress with the Employee Wellness Support Program, representatives from the eighteen (18) groups* under the Treasury Board have joined forces to negotiate common issues at a central bargaining table.

Latest Bargaining Updates

6 February 2019
Qualifying for the SR2 and SR3 lump sum payment: The SR2 and SR3 lump sum payments are for employees who hold an SR2 or SR3 substantive position on the date of signing the collective agreement and have done so for a minimum of three (3) continuous months preceding the date of signing.
6 February 2019
Dear AFS members, The AFS Bargaining Team shared our AFS specific pay proposals electronically with the Employer on January 26, 2019. We took this unusual step to give the Employer every opportunity to obtain a mandate and respond meaningfully when we meet on February 12 to 14.
5 February 2019
We are pleased to announce that the CCC group has ratified the tentative agreement. We will now work with the Employer to compile the collective agreement in preparation for signature. We don’t anticipate any major delays and will keep you informed of the process as it moves forward.
31 January 2019
Here we are together again at the bargaining table. For some of us this is a return and for others it is the beginning of a new experience. In any case, it is a serious commitment to represent CS Group members collectively in the form of bargaining, by promoting the rights and interests of members and by vigorously safeguarding professional standards.
30 January 2019
On December 11th, your AV Group Bargaining Team met to draft our monetary/pay bargaining proposal. Non-monetary proposal was exchanged in September 2018 meeting.
25 January 2019
On January 15 & 16, your NR Bargaining Team had our initial face-to-face bargaining session with the Treasury Board Team.
25 January 2019
What a nicer way to start our SP union year than with a meeting with the Employer! Your Bargaining Team aims for a quick deal by the summer, before the federal election period starts, though it will not at the expense of a fair deal for all of you. So, by meeting early, we are trying to dance in that direction. Will we have someone to tango with?
25 January 2019
Your CFIA-SA Bargaining Team will be holding two town halls via teleconference to explain the ratification process and discuss the tentative agreement. Please join us on a call if you have questions regarding the ratification process or the tentative agreement.