Fellow Members,

Following the announcement of our tentative agreement we felt it was necessary to provide you with the attached additional information to ensure you can evaluate all the positive gains against the mandatory payout of our severance and reduction to our DIP properly.

In addition you will be receiving a comprehensive package with all the details on Monday or Tuesday.

Michael Simard

Article 27 - Vacations

  • We have maintained no cap on our Vacation Banks.  This is significant since all other Collective agreements at NAV Canada have a cap on the carry forward of vacation. 
  • All Vacation carried forward is now paid out at your current rate of Pay.  Previously, vacation was paid out at the rate in which it was earned. 
  • The number of consecutive weeks of vacation that you are entitled to has been increased based on years of service.  Currently, employees are entitled to only 2 consecutive weeks of vacation.

Article 30 - Other Leave With or Without Pay

  • 30.02  Increase in Bereavement leave from 4 to 5 days
  • 30.04 Maternity Allowance:
    • Employment Insurance(EI) waiting period reduced from 2 weeks to 1 week (Note:  this is derived from the Employment Insurance (EI) benefit changes)
    • Maternity top up increased from 93% to 100%
  • 30.08 Leave With Pay for Personal and Family-Related Responsibilities
    • The definition of family has been enhanced to include “A relative for whom the employee has a legal duty of care”
    • New wording to ensure employees and managers are aware that other leaves with pay may be granted with manager’s discretion under 30.13 (a) or (b)
  • NEW Article - Compassionate Care Leave Without Pay
    • Leave may be granted for up to 28 weeks within a 52 week period (you may be eligible for Employment Insurance)
  • NEW Article - Critical Illness Leave
    • Leave may be granted for up to 37 weeks without pay to care for a critically ill child under 18 (you may be eligible for Employment Insurance)

Article 32 Hours of Work and Article 33 Telework

We have gained significant and meaningful enhancements to the accessibility of the work life balance provisions under Article 32 Hours of Work and Article 33 Telework.  These Articles have been modified to include “Requests shall not be unreasonably denied”.   Important to note that this does not automatically guarantee that every single person will be approved

Additionally, a Letter of Understanding describing the agreed upon intention of the additional wording has been created. The letter states that “Management shall provide a comprehensive rationale to support the denial in writing to the employee, the PIPSC NAV CANADA Group President and Labor Relations” for review. 

NEW Letter of Understanding – Reduced Work Week Trial

Reduced work week trial, with a reduction in pay, has been introduced.  For example, Employees may work 30 hours over a 4 day period.  Requests for reduced work week will be on a case by case basis and shall not be unreasonably denied.

Article 34 Overtime

  • NEW:  Encroachment language provides 8 hours of rest before your next working day at no loss of pay to the employee
  • 34.07 Meal allowance at the lunch rate for all overtime worked in excess of 3 hours

NEW End of Career Leave Program Trial

Employees with 28 years of service or at age 60 can save Comp time up to 6 months to retire early.

NEW Letter of Understanding - Leave with income Averaging

  • Special working arrangement whereby an eligible employee can request to take leave without pay for a period of no less than 6 weeks and a maximum of (3) three months within a specified calendar year and have his or her salary reduced over the twelve-month period. 
  • Once in a career entitlement unless otherwise agreed. 
  • To be implemented by April 2019.

Salary Negotiation trial (LOU 7-14)

  • Trial renewed