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We won’t flinch and we won’t stop. Canada’s public service is here for you. PIPSC members are here for you.

Annual Report 2021

Each day our members go to work to protect and serve Canadians in a hundred different ways: they save lives, protect the environment and grow the economy.


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When COVID-19 hit, PIPSC members were ready. We built the systems to get Canadians the money they desperately needed. We helped thousands of stranded Canadians to return home. Laboratories were converted to make hand sanitizer. Our members worked miracles to get PPE to those who needed it. We built the technical infrastructure to allow public servants to continue their work from the safety of their homes. Our scientists pivoted to important research to find a cure for COVID-19.

Maintaining a strong public service takes commitment, professionalism – and ongoing investment.

The federal government must continue to invest in public services so we can provide world-class services.

1 November 2021
Hugo works as a High Performance Computing Application Supervisor, he is also a steward and delegate for the PIPSC CS group and has been engaged in many projects and campaigns.
8 July 2021
Samah Henein came to Canada 30 years ago from Egypt with a BA in Commerce to have a better life. She wanted the job security that the public service offered, but also wanted to work somewhere she could learn, grow and have balance in her life. Samah applied as an auditor with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in 2005.
3 May 2021
Eric Hortop is a steward and bargaining team member who works to make a positive change in our public service.
5 March 2021
Michelle saw baby guppies in her childhood aquarium and immediately fell in love with biology. After attending university to study science, Michelle was hired to work in the Experimental Lakes Area and kicked off her career in environmental studies and fieldwork.
8 February 2021
Mahammadu has studied and worked in veterinary medicine all over the world, from Ghana to Australia. Today, he is a PIPSC member and veterinarian working in Berwick, Nova Scotia.
7 January 2021
"I hope our members know that we are working to ensure their health and safety, protecting their rights and that we’re here to listen if they do have concerns.”
14 September 2020
Xiaolan Wang is a climate scientist for Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) who has worked all over the world in climatology.
17 July 2020
Whether analysts at the Transportation Safety Board are investigating a downed aircraft in the ocean, a train in the Prairies or a pipeline through the mountains, the specialists who analyze data recorders find the answers. Sometimes, like nobody else in the world.
5 June 2020
Philippe often works on space projects launching and monitoring satellites that provide us with important navigation data. These satellites enable increasingly accurate GPS and other radar systems whether you’re hiking, biking or commuting. 
8 May 2020
After finding his calling as a nuclear engineer, Jeff became charmed by the small town of Pinawa, Manitoba and the interesting career opportunity it offered. 
9 April 2020
Nicole is the Chief Veterinary Officer for the province of New Brunswick’s vet service. She works to protect Canadians by ensuring the health and welfare of our animals.
20 January 2020
With a third of Canada under water, we rely on expert hydrographers like Elizabeth Bonner to make sure mariners can travel safely. 
2 August 2019
Creating the tools to study, simulate, analyze and understand how different environmental phenomena interact with the physical environments in which we live is the mission of Jean-Philippe Gauthier-Bilodeau, Scientific Programmer Analyst for Environment and Climate Change Canada.
11 July 2019
After six years of attempted wage freezes from the Ontario provincial government, Carrie Gerdes had enough. She led the charge to have the radiation department at the Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton certified with PIPSC in 2012.
12 June 2019
It was during her studies at the University of Saskatoon that Lina fell in love with the province and the people and decided to stay. Around the same time, she also had her first experience at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency where she really got to like the idea of working on the ‘national herd level’, protecting all of the livestock in the country.
17 May 2019
Valerie never knows what her day will be like when she walks through the door to work. As a registered nurse in the ER at Whitehorse General Hospital, every day is different. “In a 12-hour shift you meet many people that might have sore throats, broken bones, or a motor vehicle accident. The variety of the care that you provide to patients is what makes the job so interesting,” Valerie says.
11 April 2019
Zul Nanji is a retired International Tax Auditor with the CRA. Originally from Kenya, Zul has been working in international taxation since he moved to Ottawa in 1992, and was a tax auditor with the government for 35 years.
12 March 2019
From hospitals and highways, to courthouses and bridges, Mike Pauley has helped build some of New Brunswick’s most important public infrastructure. As a professional engineer for New Brunswick’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, Mike manages large projects that are usually highly political and controversial.
14 February 2019
As a Research Scientist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Dr. Cathryn Abbott is actively creating sustainable solutions in the face of climate change. Originally from Kingston, Ontario, Cathryn’s love for biology started back in high school.
7 February 2019
James Trepanier’s frst ‘exhibit’ was a ffth-grade Social Studies project on the Charlottetown Accord. Although his grade was lower than expected, the project ignited his passion for history.
6 February 2019
As a working mom of three, Cecilia Wong feels the same pull that many parents feel. But as someone whose work is protecting the environment, she sees her work and love of family as intertwined.
5 February 2019
Eva Henshaw sometimes fnds herself scrunched up in a corner working in small spaces. Not what many would expect of a typical day for a public service professional, but for Eva, the days when she’s repairing the networking systems on a military aircraft are some of the most exciting.
4 February 2019
As the National Film Board of Canada’s Curator for the Photo Library Collection, Claude Lord’s job is to store, preserve and share the NFB’s photography collection. “Canadians discover their country and fellow Canadians through our films,” says Claude. I’m really proud of my work, because I’m helping to preserve the collective memory of Canadian society.”
3 February 2019
Not a lot of Canadians have heard of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT). Andrew Wigmore admits he didn’t know much about it either, before he applied to work there.