7 December 2018
Your AFS Executive members recently participated in a Positive Space Awareness LGBTQ2+ training session. The session was informative and an excellent opportunity to exchange thoughts on how we all support an open healthy work environment for everyone.
6 December 2018
Your bargaining team met November 30, 2018 to discuss the bargaining survey results. Members' level of participation and written comments are encouraging. Your continued support and engagement is essential in helping us draft proposals and determine priorities for this round of bargaining.
5 December 2018
Phoenix continues to be one of the major issues our federal members are facing. The government has taken on an aggressive procurement process tohave a new program selected by the Spring 2019 for approval by all parties. It is still a wait and see process. If you are having difficulty with your pay, speak with a local steward or email
5 December 2018
The PIPSC 2019 Young Workers Forum is taking place on Friday, February 15th and Saturday, February 16th, 2019 in Gatineau, Quebec.
5 December 2018
Your Collective Agreement expired October 31st 2018; the following is a confidential bargaining questionnaire to assist in formulating the issues to be addressed during the ongoing round of Negotiations. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and is essential to help your Negotiating Team draft bargaining proposals.
4 December 2018
While PIPSC, alongside our union partners at the National Joint Council Dental Care Board of Management, is still negotiating hard to improve the majority of our members’ dental plan (NJC Component 55555), I am very pleased to announce that we have nailed down the following significant improvements, effect
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