17 January 2019
On Thursday, January 10, 2019 representatives from your Bargaining Team - Robert Tellier, Stan Buday, Dean Corda, and Eva Henshaw with Denise Doherty (PIPSC negotiator) - met with Treasury Board to exchange proposals for the renewal of the collective agreement, which expired December 21, 2018.
17 January 2019
The SH Group Executive represents the interests of all Federal Government Health Service Professionals. This year, in accordance with the SH by-laws, four positions on the SH group executive shall be elected:
17 January 2019
There are seven (7) SP National Executive regional pool positions to be filled by an election for a three-year term, to expire with the completion of regional pool elections in 2022. The positions are as follows:
16 January 2019
According to RE bylaw 8.4, each region defined in the By-Laws of the Institute and each component group within the RE Group shall be represented on the Executive by a minimum of one (1) elected member.
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