22 September 2021
SH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 12 - 4 P.M. Eastern Time October 20, 2021 VIRTUAL BINDER
20 September 2021
SH Group Election Results September 2021 (member at large) Adam Fenwick - Prairies Ian Shaw - BC All positions are for a 1 year term.
16 September 2021
The 2021 SH Group Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 20, 2021. Time:  12 – 4pm ET (Ottawa time) Invitees (delegates and observers) will remain as selected in spring. Further details to follow. 
16 September 2021
Resolutions to be considered at the 2021 SH Annual General Meeting   6.2 Composition: Whereas there are acronyms in this by-law that are not defined in full within the by-law or in the Definitions,
6 August 2021
Following the close of nominations on July 22, 2021, the following members expressed their willingness to serve as representatives on the SH Group Executive. The term of office for the members elected to the SH Group Executive shall be one year.
9 June 2021
Submit your nomination to join our Group executive by July 22nd at 4:00 PM ET.
20 May 2021
If you’re being temporarily deployed to a provincial health care authority, here’s what you need to know.
22 April 2021
Results: Lynn Ohlson: NU EMA (Re-Elected) James Brooks: MD (Newly Elected) James McGrath: Nutrition-Dietetics (Acclaimed) Terry Hupman: DE(Acclaimed)