Submit your nomination for available union leadership roles by March 8, 2024.


The HEALTH PROFESSIONAL (SH) Group executive is seeking nominations for the following positions:

●       Medicine – Three Year Term

●       Nutrition and Dietetics- Three Year Term

●       Dentistry- Three Year Term

●       Veterinary Medicine – Three Year Term

●       NU-EMA- Three Year Term

●       Member at Large- One Year term - prairies

●       Member at Large- Two Year Term - British Columbia


Submit your nomination by March 8, 2024 using the form below.


Members are encouraged to participate in this union leadership opportunity. Please disconnect from the government's VPN and use a personal device to ensure the form loads.


The nomination and election process is governed by our Group bylaws 7.1-7.3.


Here is a summary of the process:

●       Nominations must be supported by at least two (2) Group members who are not Rand members.

●       The Elections Committee will review the nominations to make sure nominees are eligible.

●       No member shall be a candidate for more than one (1) position in any given election.


As a member of the group executive, your role is to:

●       further the professional interests of the members

●       protect the status and standards of our professions

●       represent the views of the members on matters affecting them

●       ensure that the interests of the Group are represented in all proceedings of the employer and of the union


This is a voluntary role with an approximate monthly commitment of 8 hours. The executive meets approximately 6 times per year.