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31 May 2023
Rene Lerat, Singing Bird Woman, has been a nurse for 12 years, and she’s passionate about making a difference in northern communities.
31 May 2023
National Public Service Week begins on June 11, and we have a lot of things to shine a light on this year.
1 May 2023
Learn about big changes coming to your healthcare plan
1 May 2023
PIPSC President Jennifer Carr has released the following statement:
25 April 2023
Solidarity with striking PSAC workers.
20 April 2023
Marion Gillespie is an IT project team lead at the Department of National Defence's Dockyards location in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
18 April 2023
PIPSC will be suspending our participation in consultations with Federal Government Employers until such time as the PSAC strike has concluded.
18 April 2023
Fighting for a Better Deal.  
17 April 2023
What you need to know.
14 April 2023
We are greatly saddened to announce the passing of our colleague and friend Terry Sing.
12 April 2023
The deadline to submit a scholarship application to the PIPSC Legacy Foundation is Friday, June 30, 2023. In 2023, the Legacy Foundation will award the following scholarships:
6 April 2023
We are greatly saddened to announce the passing of our colleague and friend Gary Doerr.
6 April 2023
Know your rights in case of a PSAC strike
5 April 2023
We offer our sincere condolences to Laureen’s friends and family
29 March 2023
The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) welcomes Federal Budget 2023 as a significant step forward in our effort to protect public services from the government’s over-reliance on outsourcing.
21 March 2023
Your RCMP CM Bargaining Team has been busy preparing for the upcoming round of negotiations.     Your RCMP CM Bargaining Team has been busy preparing for the upcoming round of negotiations.  
20 March 2023
To facilitate the participation of all our members in PIPSC events and activities, we will be accommodating dietary restrictions based on religious beliefs, including those related to fasting during Ramadan.
9 March 2023
To mark Mental Illness Awareness Week PIPSC teamed up with the Canadian Mental Health Association for a workshop on mental illness in the workplace.
6 March 2023
Bargaining 101, core issues, and more! In case you miss them live, we’ll post our bargaining webinar videos on this page
4 March 2023
The PIPSC Central Bargaining Team is fighting to ensure no worker is left behind.  
2 March 2023
We are proud to be offering our members opportunities to learn from activists and experts like Julie Lalonde. Watch our 2 workshops on how to end gender-based violence today.
2 March 2023
This was the last straw for Patent Medicine Price Review Board member Mathew Herder. 
1 March 2023
PIPSC fights to get you the pay you deserve, the leave you need, and the flexibility to keep giving your best. Read up on core bargaining issues at PIPSC.
1 March 2023
Why does bargaining matter? How will PIPSC stay in touch with me? What are we bargaining for this time around?
1 March 2023
Hezhao Ji is a scientist who works to understand and combat HIV/AIDS resistance, a critical research area with life-saving implications for people infected with HIV/AIDS.
22 February 2023
The 2023 PIPSC AGM will take place November 26 - 29 in Montreal.
20 February 2023
More than 1,100 public servants represented by PIPSC have reached out looking for our support as they navigate the challenges created by this “one-size fits all” order.
10 February 2023
PIPSC EN Treasury Board EN
7 February 2023
PIPSC, on behalf of the AFS Group members, has filed a bad faith bargaining complaint against the Canada Revenue Agency. The complaint concerns the Agency’s recent decision to impose a “one-size-fits-all” return to office edict rather than continue to negotiate telework at the bargaining table.
3 February 2023
The achievements of PIPSC’s Black members are incredible, and we celebrate our members doing great things for Canadians during Black History Month and on a daily basis.
25 January 2023
To all PIPSC represented RCMP Civilian Members,   
18 January 2023
Use this form to flag any health and safety or other concerns pertaining to your return to office so we can continue to advocate on your behalf and give you the support you need.
21 December 2022
Ever wondered what scientists working for the government do? PIPSC Women in Science, in collaboration with Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science and Technology (WWEST) is inviting 10th-12th grade teachers and their students to participate in a webinar on STEM in the Public Sector.
15 December 2022
Today’s announcement is the total opposite of what the Treasury Board has been promising.
13 December 2022
PIPSC is reminding the Treasury Board to prioritize the health and safety of its workers.
8 December 2022
PIPSC has launched billboards in key locations to urge the Ford government to respect frontline workers and repeal Bill 124.