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3 April 2020
Working on the front lines in Ontario’s hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic response? Understand your rights and responsibilities in situations that may arise.
31 March 2020
On March 27, Premier Jason Kenney suggested that federal public servants were refusing to go to work after a case of COVID-19 was linked to a meat processing facility. The health and safety of our members and all Canadians is paramount. CFIA members would never put Canadians at risk.
27 March 2020
The Board of Directors met on March 27, 2020, to review and further assess how we can do our part to adhere to government and health agencies’ COVID-19 recommendations and restrictions. PIPSC in-person union activities are postponed until June 30, 2020. Some activities will be moved online.
26 March 2020
Debi Daviau has contacted the Presidents of Ontario hospitals on behalf of the members of the Ontario medical groups to address concerns about new measures and to raise concerns for our members’ health and safety.
24 March 2020
We were recently informed that RCMP Human Resources would not be approving any request to rescind discharge requests that were submitted by employees – many of which are now our members - in anticipation of deeming.
23 March 2020
The Treasury Board has responded to our request for a clear definition of “critical” federal government service.
18 March 2020
Answers to questions you may have regarding union activities, employer consultations and advice regarding COVID-19 and your workplace.
18 March 2020
The Government of Canada has announced an official global travel advisory: avoid non-essential travel outside Canada until further notice. This impacts your travel insurance coverage.