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2 June 2022
In the fall of 2021, the recovery process for Phoenix overpayments was launched for employees who the Public Service Pay Centre believed were overpaid by the Phoenix pay system in 2016 and onwards.
25 May 2022
PIPSC to create environmental, social, and governance criteria to help strengthen your pension.
24 May 2022
Provide your job title to help build our new career development tool - Navigar.
20 May 2022
We have been pushing the Treasury Board for over 2 years to provide a full definition of a hybrid workforce. We expected a more substantial document that took our recommendations into account.
19 May 2022
PIPSC has filed a policy grievances against the Treasury Board’s vaccine policy for all members who remain on Leave Without Pay (LWOP) beyond April 6, 2022.
19 May 2022
The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) presented a "Workplace mental health" webinar training for members to talk about the importance of self care in the workplace.
12 May 2022
Delegate Count by Group and Region as of December 31st 2021 - Regular and Retired Members  
12 May 2022
Meet the President, discuss the issues – and win some exciting travel prizes. Don’t miss out.
12 May 2022
Save the date! Our 103rd AGM will be held on November 18 and 19, 2022.
5 May 2022
Watch the latest PIPSC webinar discussing gender bias in science.
3 May 2022
The Treasury Board has been open to discussions, but remains opposed to changes necessary to modernize the plan.
28 April 2022
On April 4, 2022, we submitted detailed comments to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal regarding the need to design flexible and effective rules of procedure for pay equity proceedings.
25 April 2022
On March 29, 2022, President Carr, accompanied by PIPSC staff specialists Richard Gaboton and Sara Delaney, appeared before the government’s Task Force reviewing the Employment Equity Act. President Carr outlined ways to create more equitable and diverse federal workplaces.
12 April 2022
The good, the bad, and the (potentially) ugly – read our response to Budget 2022 and what it means for PIPSC members.
11 April 2022
Learn how to recognize and intervene to stop sexual harassment in the workplace – because if we don’t step up for each other, we’ll never break the cycle.
7 April 2022
Jennifer Carr welcomed progress in Budget 2022 on a fairer economic recovery, including new investments in CRA going after tax cheats, providing mental health help for Black public service workers, and expanding the Public Sector Pension Investment Board to include union representatives. But Carr expressed serious concern over the government’s Strategic Policy Review.
6 April 2022
Jennifer Carr, President of The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC), will be available to talk about how Budget 2022 will impact the delivery of public services Canadians rely on and the priorities of public service workers.
4 April 2022
PIPSC and the other federal public service unions belonging to the National Joint Council (NJC) dental plan have written to Minister Fortier asking her to prioritize an independe
29 March 2022
If your compensatory or vacation leave bank exceeds your group’s carry-over limit, your employer will reduce the leave bank by 20% each year.
29 March 2022
As we view the vaccination policy as a temporary measure, and with the high vaccination rates achieved across Canada, we urge the employer to determine when the policy will no longer be required.
25 March 2022
The Chalk River Professional Employees Group (CRPEG), represented by the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) reached a deal and voted in favour of a new collective agreement with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL).
24 March 2022
Parliamentarians attended PIPSC’s non-partisan technical briefing on tax fairness on March 4.
22 March 2022
Watch our Black history month panel discussion. Special guests share how unions can learn from the world of sport.
8 March 2022
On February 28, 2022, Treasury Board President Mona Fortier announced updates to occupational health guidance for the federal public service, paving the way for our members’ gradual return to the workplace.
16 February 2022
If you can’t get to your worksite due to protestors, you are able to use ‘Other Leave with Pay (Code 699).’
16 February 2022
The Chalk River Professional Employees Group (CRPEG), represented by the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) are considering their options as conciliation with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) failed to resolve a year-long impasse over fair pay, job outsourcing, and working conditions.
10 February 2022
2,615 PIPSC members in the federal public service responded to our survey, and the results are eye-opening.
4 February 2022
PIPSC calls for action by all levels of government to end the convoy. Local residents, businesses and downtown workers need to resume their daily lives.
3 February 2022
As a public servant in the Core Public Administration & other Federal Agencies, you have access to 10 days of paid domestic violence leave.
3 February 2022
Frequently asked questions and answers regarding care leave for the core public administration and other employers.
1 February 2022
Black History Month is a time to celebrate the rich history of Black contributions inside and outside of the Canadian labour movement.
27 January 2022
The following resources are for individuals seeking support to care for themselves or their dependents.
17 January 2022
Watch the webinar and learn more about your care leave provisions.
12 January 2022
Watch to learn how you should start planning for retirement, how to work with the public service pension centre, and what to expect in the first few months.
23 December 2021
Federal public servants need clear guidelines to telework as much as possible. And critical workers need quick access to booster shots.
20 December 2021
If you have accumulated more than 35 days of vacation leave, or any compensatory leave, it will be cashed out over 5 years starting in April 2022.