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5 February 2020
The claims process for severe financial cost or loss caused by Phoenix is now available. It is important that you look carefully at your situation and make a claim if you are eligible. Together, we have worked hard to ensure you are repaid every cent you are owed.
4 February 2020
After we fought back Harper’s attack on our sick leave, we began negotiating the new Employee Wellness Support Program (EWSP). The recent election and change in cabinet have delayed this process. We are working hard to ensure EWSP remains a priority.
3 February 2020
Each year the Treasury Board undertakes the Public Service Employee Survey (PSES).
3 February 2020
The 2019 Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) indicates very minor improvements in levels of workplace harassment and the promotion of psychological wellness. While the number of public servants impacted by Phoenix has increased.
29 January 2020
According to our 2019 membership survey, career development and training (CDT) is a top priority for seventy percent of PIPSC members – in particular, younger members. That’s why we’re launching a research project to better understand all aspects of career development and training in the federal public service, such as qualifying for a promotion, attending conferences and staying current with new technology.
29 January 2020
27 January 2020
The federal government spent over $11.9 billion on management consultants, temporary help contractors and IT consultants between 2011 and 2018 to do the work that could have been done by Canada’s own public service professionals. The contracts ended up costing the public twice their original price.
23 January 2020
Work traditionally done by public servants is increasingly outsourced to external consultants and contractors. Between 2011 and 2018, the federal government outsourced over $11.9 billion in work. This is the first investigative report in our series unpacking the government’s growing reliance on outsourcing and its true costs.