Our Purpose, Mandate, Values and Strategy

Our Purpose

Building community to act collectively to improve our members’ lives.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to provide the highest quality representation to members collectively and individually

  • by providing effective bargaining, labour relations and other member services,
  • by actively promoting and defending the rights and interests of members,
  • by vigorously safeguarding and promoting professional standards.

Our Values

Our enduring values are:

  • Respect as the basis for our dealings with members, employees, colleagues, and employers. It means being sensitive and responsive to the rights of individuals.
  • Integrity as a cornerstone of our organization. It means that the Institute and its members act with honesty and fairness based on sound moral and ethical principles.
  • Co-operation as the foundation for meeting the challenges of the future. It means building partnerships and working together toward common goals.
  • Accountability as our commitment to ensure all of our values are respected. It means informing our members of our actions and being answerable to them for those actions.

Our Strategy

The Key Result Areas and Strategic Goals, set by the Board of Directors, are as follows:

Key Result Area:  Value to Our Members  

Strategic Goals

1. Preserved and improved working conditions and benefits for our members
2. Value of professional public jobs recognized and protected
3. Services responsive to the current and changing needs of our membership
4. Strong and increased member affiliation to PIPSC

Key Result Area: Enhanced Influence

Strategic Goals

5. Stronger relationships and access to key decision-makers in government and with departments
6. Stronger relationships with other unions, affiliates, community allies, professional associations
7. Enhanced public profile for the Institute

Key Result Area: A Model Organization

Strategic Goals

8.  Achieve a sustainable financial model
9.  Clear and effective governance model and structure
10. Maintain a high level of volunteer and employee satisfaction