12 July 2024
The Employer at NRC has submitted a request for an extension of 18 months to complete the pay equity plan. The original draft plan was supposed to be posted for review and comments by July 03, 2024 but the employer failed to meet this deadline.
4 July 2024
This was the final step of the ratification process, which means the implementation of your new collective agreement can now begin.
24 June 2024
The Pay Equity Committee has resumed meetings after the employer initialized an RFP for a consultant to assist on the committee. We met with KPMG and were provided a demonstration of the pay equity tool that they utilize.
20 March 2024
We’re pleased to announce that the NRC-TR Group has ratified the collective agreement.
8 February 2024
The NRC-TR Group ratification package and tentative agreement next steps.
15 December 2023
The Pay Equity Committee at NRC has been working to develop a proactive pay equity plan. The committee is composed of bargaining agent representatives, including a PIPSC member and staff, non-represented employees and employer representatives.
19 August 2019
The joint negotiations of the PIPSC and the RCEA with NRC management has been completed with an updated agreement on the Workforce Adjustment Policy (WFA), including a change of name to WFA Provisions.  The gains achieved include an increase in the advanced notification period from 2 to a minimum
8 May 2019
The PIPSC-RCEA WFA bargaining team met with the employer April 15-16, 2019. Unfortunately, the employer had still not received their approved mandate from Treasury Board. Despite this limitation, the employer was able to share their perspective and the direction of proposed changes.
18 December 2018
After over a year of delays from NRC, PIPSC and RCEA met with the employer on Thursday December 13th. The employer had not yet received their mandate, and therefore the discussion was somewhat limited but productive nonetheless. High level conversations covered each side's concerns.
9 February 2018
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19 January 2018
Following the signing of the new collective agreement on December 1, 2017, the Institute has just been advised that Public Works has updated the salary scales for the IS/LS/TR groups on January 8th, 2018.
12 April 2017
After too long a wait, we finally met with the employer to discuss the terms of the next collective agreement. The previous collective agreement expired on June 20, 2014.