24 August 2020
Fellow Members , Below is a list of activities your group executive has been working on. 1.     New Collective Agreement
10 June 2020
The Election Committee congratulates Dave McPhee, Lori Delaunière and Maya Kassab on their election as members-at-large on the group executive.
13 May 2020
NAV CANADA Executive Meeting Dec 06, 2019 Hilton Ottawa, On Minutes
11 May 2020
NAV CANADA Executive Meeting Oct 18, 2019 Albert at Bay Ottawa, On    
24 April 2020
NAV Canada Group - ELECTION VOTER’S KIT 2020 May 2020 This is your voter’s kit for the election of members to the Nav Canada Group Executive for a three (3) year term - beginning on Monday, June 1th, 2020.
10 March 2020
Nav Canada Tentative Agreement - February 2020
10 March 2020
Fellow Members,
18 February 2020
You are invited to participate in the NAV CANADA Executive elections, members like you who will work to enhance your terms and conditions of employment.