NAV CANADA Executive Meeting

Nov 24, 2021

Delta Hotel

Ottawa, ON



President (MS)

Vice President (PT)

Secretary (EF)

Treasurer (PV)

Member at Large (MK)

Member at Large (LD)

Member at Large (DM)




1.     Call to order





2.     Adoption of agenda

Moved by EF. Seconded by MK.




3.     Approval of Minutes of Sep 13, 2021 

Moved by DM. Seconded by LD.





4.     Business arising from previous minutes

Carried over:

-        Action Item (PO): Invite Legal counsel of PIPSC to the next Executive meeting




5.     President Update


-        Consultation held in October with all the unions at Nav Canada; told them how we (at PIPSC) felt. This company needs to do something quickly for everyone to heal. Safety was a concern and the imbalance of pay.

-        The trust with the company was broken.

-        Sophia T will be retiring and Amanda is the new AVP (Mora is the VP of HR)

-        Meeting with NCBAA to vote union members on the Nav Canada board of directors (Peter Duffey is our candidate)

-        Bringing back an IM member who was fired

-        Attended PIPSC AGM

-        Attended classification meeting

-        Chaired the west sub group meeting




6.     Vice-President Update


-        Attended our weekly Executive meetings

-        Attended our classification meeting with MS

-        Assisted some members with their questions





7.     Financial Update


-        Treasurer provided an update on the budget and the balance remaining

-        PV assisted a member with a workplace issue

-        Executive approved PIPSC jackets for the Executive team.

Motion to accept by EF. Seconded by MK.




8.     Secretary Update


-        Sent the June 25th 2021 meeting minutes for translation and publishing

-        Attended weekly Executive update meetings

-        Listened to members’ feedback re disengagement, overworked sentiment and reduction of compensation.

-        Mediated a resolution with DM for a member who’s dealing with issues in his current team.

-        Consultation with the director of FDS Engineering along with MS and LR on topics re members’ work, managers’ new requests re workday and a PI spreadsheet estimates in FDS.

-        Discussed SAFE processes with LACE members.

-        Helped member with his Vaccine related issues.




9.     Members at large update 



-        Attended weekly Executive update meetings

-        Attended meetings with East sub group

-        Attended PIPSC classification meeting



-        Attended weekly Executive update meetings

-        Attended both sub group meetings with MS

-        Attended PIPSC classification meeting

-        Attended local OSH meeting





-        Attended weekly Executive update meetings

-        Assisted a member with his team issue; a resolution is in effect.

-        Consultation with Flight inspection team where manager doing union work. Suggestion from the Executive: work be done temporarily and paying union dues.

-        Recommending the creation of Nav Canada PIPSC Chief steward role

-        3 L1 managers’ competition in EPD; And union evaluating the role to ensure they are not doing PIPSC work.

-        CA on PIPSC and Sharepoint websites still not the updated one.

-        Encouraged people to apply for stewards from different occupational groups.




10.  Negotiations



-        Only thing at this moment is the Classification system, with a potential meeting next week for the executive.







-        Refer to section 5 (President Update)




12.  OSH report

-        N/A




13.  Other Business


-        Action item: Officially requesting for PIPSC and NAV to update the CA and post it.

-        Action item: To have a discussion about staffing positions for members and the applying for competitions and members’ preferences on staffing process.



14.  Adjournment



Moved by EF. Seconded by DM.