Demand our MPs and Treasury Board President Anita Anand reject a 3-day RTO – send a message now!

10 June 2024
This year, we won’t be placated by superficial acknowledgments. We demand genuine respect, fair working conditions, and a trustworthy employer, not a hot dog lunch or a pat on the back.
5 June 2024
At noon on Thursday, members of the AFS Group and PIPSC will hold a rally for remote work rights outside Canada Revenue Agency Headquarters in Ottawa.
31 May 2024
This National Public Service Week, skip the superficial employer events and join a movement that makes a real impact. It's time to take our message to the streets.
22 May 2024
PIPSC has released preliminary data from a recent survey of its members, highlighting significant challenges faced by federal public service workers under the new Return to Office (RTO) mandate.
17 May 2024
Our friends at ACEP-CAPE are hosting an event to send a clear message to Treasury Board.
8 May 2024
Today, Canada’s largest public service unions, representing more than 260,000 federal public service workers, held a joint press conference to reiterate their strong opposition to the federal government's mandate for a three-day in-office work week.
3 May 2024
Answers to your frequently asked questions about returning to your workplace, requesting an accommodation, or filing a grievance.
1 May 2024
Recent rumors have surfaced in the media suggesting that the federal government will increase the mandate to three days in the office per week for federal public service workers.  
31 January 2024
Our work over the years proves that our federal budget advocacy has an impact. Read more about what PIPSC is calling for in Budget 2024.
15 June 2023
PIPSC’s survey says a significant number of public service professionals are considering leaving their roles
12 June 2023
Seventy percent of survey respondents reported being dissatisfied with how RTO policies were implemented – citing issues like the commuting time and cost, work-life balance, and environmental impacts as top concerns.
9 June 2023
On Monday June 12, to mark the National Public Service Week (NPSW), PIPSC will host a press conference at its national office.  
20 February 2023
More than 1,100 public servants represented by PIPSC have reached out looking for our support as they navigate the challenges created by this “one-size fits all” order.
18 January 2023
Use this form to flag any health and safety or other concerns pertaining to your return to office so we can continue to advocate on your behalf and give you the support you need.
16 January 2023
Any return to office policy must “consider the nature of each department’s work and the services they provide to Canadians.” Those are Treasury Board President Mona Fortier’s own words, and we urge her to heed them, said presidents of PIPSC and CAPE in an opinion letter published in The Ottawa Citizen.
15 December 2022
Today’s announcement is the total opposite of what the Treasury Board has been promising.
13 December 2022
PIPSC is reminding the Treasury Board to prioritize the health and safety of its workers.
15 August 2022
Despite the increase in COVID cases and other indicators, many federal departments and agencies are continuing with return to workplace plans, with the bulk of them coming into effect immediately after Labour Day.
15 July 2022
President Jennifer Carr met with Treasury Board President Mona Fortier to discuss key member concerns, including the return to the workplace and the government’s strategic review of public services announced in its 2022 budget.