Phoenix Pay System

Phoenix has caused hundreds of thousands of pay errors, leaving tens of thousands of Canadian public servants underpaid, overpaid, or not paid at all.

Public servants – like all Canadians – deserve to be paid accurately and on time. That’s why replacing Phoenix with a system that works can’t happen soon enough.

We’re proud that we pushed the government to see that Phoenix must be replaced. We’ve insisted that unions like ours must be consulted on the work to find the replacement. The work to replace Phoenix is now underway, but public service employees continue to deal with serious personal consequences. 

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Phoenix — A PIPSC Timeline: Learn how PIPSC has fought for you since Phoenix's implementation.


29 November 2019
If you are a former PIPSC member who was paid at least one day by the Phoenix system, you may now make an online claim for compensation. We strongly encourage you to claim your compensation.
18 November 2019
Until 2017, members of the Public Service Pension Plan were provided with an annual pension statement.  As a result of the failed Phoenix pay system, the Pension Centre has been unable to issue these statements.
13 November 2019
Weathering this Phoenix storm has not been easy, we know. We’re all in this together and we are working hard to make sure a range of resources are available for you.
10 October 2019
With the federal election underway, the government is now in “caretaker mode” which will delay the roll-out of the next phases of the Phoenix Compensation Agreement.
11 September 2019
On September 6, 2019, the government announced the investment of $117M in the design and delivery of the Next Generation human resources and pay system (NextGen), the much-awaited successor to the disastrous Phoenix.
11 September 2019
Here are the top 4 most frequent questions on Phoenix.
30 August 2019
Each member paid by Phoenix is entitled to paid days of compensation leave. As of August 27, 2019, these paid compensation days should be available in the leave banks of current employees.
2 August 2019
What is being awarded? When will I get the money I am owed? Your questions about the Phoenix compensation agreement answered.
12 July 2019
We are currently working with the employer to set up a clear, one-stop process for Phoenix damages claims. The process is not yet in place.
21 June 2019
You can now listen to the recordings of our recent union-wide telephone town hall on the Phoenix compensation agreement and our central bargaining wins.
19 June 2019
On June 6, 2019 Institute Vice-President Stéphane Aubry and PIPSC Economist Ryan Campbell appeared before the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance regarding Bill C-97, which seeks to implement provisions of the March 2019 federal budget.
13 June 2019
Treasury Board and 15 public service unions, including PIPSC, finalized this join agreement that will compensate 146,000 current and former employees who were paid by Phoenix.
13 June 2019
President Debi Daviau signed the agreement with the Treasury Board that provides compensation to all PIPSC members paid by Phoenix.
12 June 2019
Today, the Government reached another milestone in its ongoing efforts to eventually replace the Phoenix pay system. This is another encouraging step on the long road to a new, reliable pay system.
6 June 2019
Over the last month we have seen our hard work pay off. Join President Debi Daviau June 12 for a telephone town hall with updates on Phoenix damages and the central bargaining wins.
28 May 2019
PIPSC members have successfully negotiated with the Treasury Board to secure a 7% wage increase over the next 4 years.
17 May 2019
A report released yesterday from the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) confirms what we have been saying sinc
8 May 2019
This tentative agreement was two years in the making. Today, the undersigned unions are pleased to announce they have signed on to this deal.
7 May 2019
Compensation has been awarded to all members paid by Phoenix for the frustration caused by the failed pay system. 1. You will get 5 days of leave. If you are a current member who has been working for the public service since 2016, you will get 5 days of leave.
4 May 2019
“Public service professionals have been waiting for fair compensation for what Phoenix has done to them,” said PIPSC president Debi Daviau.
17 April 2019
Please take the time to offer your important feedback or concerns before the April 30th deadline. Your feedback is essential to the work to replace Phoenix.
29 March 2019
With the 2018 tax season upon us, it is critical for PIPSC members to have accurate information as they prepare to file their tax returns. Unfortunately, Phoenix has caused innumerable pay errors for tens of thousands of our members.
18 March 2019
“President Debi Daviau held a press conference Monday on Parliament Hill to provide an update on the third anniversary of the failed Phoenix pay system. Daviau called for the proper funding allocation in the federal budget 2019 to ensure a smooth implementation of the overhauled pay system.” reported Global News.
7 March 2019
The results of the 2018 Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) are in and, as with last year’s results, offer food for thought on the government’s progress (or lack of it) in some key areas of concern to PIPSC members.
28 February 2019
The news this week that it will take a further three to five years to clean up the Phoenix backlog, and 10 or more years to stabilize the system, makes it obvious that on the third anniversary of the launch of the Phoenix pay system we should be laser-focused on implementing its replacement as soon as possible.
27 February 2019
The Phoenix pay system failure has left public servants under paid, over paid or not paid at all. The procurement process for a new pay system is underway, but PIPSC members continue to deal with serious personal consequences.
25 February 2019
OTTAWA, February 25, 2019 – The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) is marking the third anniversary of the Phoenix pay system failure with a National Week of Action. This week, members and union officials are organizing events across the country.
23 February 2019
President Debi Daviau will hold a press conference Monday on Parliament Hill to mark the third anniversary of the Phoenix pay system.
21 February 2019
On Tuesday February 5th PIPSC members were on Parliament Hill to discuss the importance of the critical public services we deliver to Canadians. A delegation of close to 30 members, representing a range of Groups and Regions, met with over 30 Parliamentarians. It was a unique opportunity to bring key priorities directly to the decision makers.
20 February 2019
PIPSC recently submitted comments to Finance Canada’s public consultation into draft legislative proposals related to salary overpayments.
25 January 2019
It's been more than one year since PIPSC officially called the government to Nix Phoenix. Things on that front are finally moving in the right direction to engage with the most important “Users”, the federal employees.
16 January 2019
The federal government has just announced that it is proposing new measures to help correct the wide-ranging issue of employees having to repay the gross instead of the net amount of a salary overpayment caused by system, administrative or clerical errors. This is particularly significant for PIPSC members: tens of thousands of you have experienced this problem first-hand thanks to the calamitous Phoenix system.
2 December 2018
Our Phoenix help team is available here to support you.  To best serve you, please fill out the below form.  Requests from members with zero pay or experiencing significant financial hardship are given priority. 
30 November 2018
Earlier this year, in its 2018 Budget, the federal government announced its intention to replace the catastrophic Phoenix pay system with a new, functional alternative.
5 October 2018
On September 19th the federal government officially began the process to replace Phoenix. Scott Brison, Treasury Board president, announced a procurement process to plan, design and purchase a new system suggesting a Spring 2019 implementation.
3 September 2018
Today we join with workers and unions across the world in celebration of the accomplishments and resistance of workers! In that light, and as the ongoing struggle with Phoenix persists, PIPSC is demanding action from the Federal Government.