Recordings of Union-Wide Telephone Town Hall Now Available

Over 3,000 members, like you, participated in our recent union-wide telephone town hall on the Phoenix compensation agreement and our central bargaining wins.

For those who could not join us, you can listen to recordings of our three sessions:

English Eastern Canada (Audio file - MP3)
English Western Canada (Audio file - MP3)
French Session (Audio file - MP3)

We recommend that PC and MAC users download these files to their hard drive to avoid playback issues.

During the town hall, President Debi Daviau gave an overview on the steps being taken to replace Phoenix.

She also outlined the major announcements made on our Phoenix compensation agreement. This agreement is separate from our bargaining work.

Please note that you are not required to file a grievance to access compensation under the Phoenix Compensation agreement. We will provide details on how this claims process will work as soon as they are announced. Other questions you may have about this agreement are addressed in our FAQs.

Richard Beaulé, Director of Labour Relations joined the town hall to discuss the wins made at central bargaining table and to answer questions about group-specific tentative agreements.

Some groups have tentative agreements now and others continue their important work at the bargaining table. Find out where your group stands:

Telephone town halls are an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas directly. We look forward to our next discussion in the months ahead.