Phoenix Damages Agreement with the Treasury Board Finalized

President Debi Daviau signed the agreement with Treasury Board that provides compensation to all PIPSC members paid by Phoenix. The agreement details were announced earlier this month.

This agreement provides each member paid by Phoenix with five days of paid leave in compensation. Members will have a claims process to receive every dollar that they’ve lost due to Phoenix, as well as a mechanism to be compensated for its damages.

Days of leave and the updated claims process will come into effect 150 days after signing, November 12, 2019.

The Treasury Board and 15 public service unions finalized this joint agreement that will compensate 146,000 current and former employees who were paid by Phoenix.


The agreement applies to employees, retired employees, former employees and the estates of deceased employees. Separate agencies are expected to duplicate this agreement shortly.

Answers to your frequently asked questions on this Phoenix compensation agreement are available now.


Despite not getting paid properly, our members have come to work each and every day to give their best in service of the public. We can't erase the loss and suffering that Phoenix has caused for these dedicated public service professionals. But with the commitments and the compensation enshrined in this settlement, the Treasury Board has taken important steps forward.

For support in dealing with your individual Phoenix case please contact our PIPSC Phoenix Team.