Ongoing Phoenix pay issues

While work to replace Phoenix with the NextGen HR-to-Pay system is underway, you may still be dealing with pay errors.

Take steps now to ensure your case is addressed:

1. Make sure your managers are aware of your pay issue.
2. Complete the employer’s Phoenix Feedback Form.
3. Check if the Phoenix Pay Centre serves your department then contact the Phoenix Pay Centre.

You may not see a resolution to your pay issue in a timely manner. The best way to ensure that your issue is resolved is to contact the Phoenix Pay Centre to move your case forward. Unfortunately, PIPSC cannot access cases being processed by the Phoenix Pay Centre and will not be able to speed up this process. 

If you’ve submitted your pay case and it is still unresolved, go to Track myCASE  for more information (available on the Government of Canada network only and formerly known as the Phoenix Case Status Request form).

Emergency pay:

You may be eligible for an emergency salary advance or priority payment if you:

  • did not receive your regular pay

  • were not paid at the proper substantive salary level

  • were not paid for your regular hours worked in a given pay period

  • are a new employee, student and have not received any pay within your first 20 days of work

  • recently returned from leave and have not received any pay within your first 20 days of work

If this applies to you, ask your manager for help completing a request for an emergency salary advance or priority pay through your department.

If the employer is not processing your emergency or priority pay request, we encourage you to contact our dedicated Phoenix staff.

PIPSC also offers loans to members especially hard hit by Phoenix.

For more information about other Phoenix related issues, for example, federal taxes, please visit the employer's website.

Have you filed a grievance related to Phoenix? 

If you have already filed a grievance related to Phoenix and require an update on the status of your grievance, please contact us at If you have not already filed a grievance for an incorrect pay issue, please complete the Phoenix Help Form and our dedicated Phoenix Help team will be in touch to advise how best to proceed and whether we recommend filing a grievance.