Phoenix pay system

What We’re Doing

The Institute continues to express our members’ frustrations and concerns with the Phoenix pay system and to urge the government to implement a new system that works as quickly as possible. We believe a new system that works is best built by federal IT experts (our members) and that more workplace support should, in the interim, be provided to members facing Phoenix problems.

In the two years since Phoenix was rolled out (against our objections), the Institute has taken action on many fronts, including filing policy grievances against the Employer on behalf of members. It has also filed or is in the process of filing both Unfair Labour Practice Complaints and policy grievances for all our groups, alleging that the Treasury Board Secretariat has breached its obligations under the Collective Agreement (CA) and the legislation to implement the CA in a timely fashion. We have spent many months assisting literally hundreds of members in filing individual grievances, many of which have been resolved, as well as writing to and meeting with ministers, arguing new measures be adopted to assist members, keeping the issue alive in the media, offering loans to those particularly hard hit, organizing many of our members to protest, and lobbying – successfully – for more money to be spent on fixing problems.

Got a Pay Problem? Here’s What to Do

  1. Be sure to raise all pay-related issues with your managers and follow the steps outlined on the Employer’s website.
  1. If you have an issue with your pay, including back pay, notify your manager, contact the Pay Centre (if it serves your organization) or compensation advisor, and complete the required Phoenix Feedback Form. Be sure to identify under Step 1 that you are missing pay, and to select the most applicable drop-down menus in Step 2. If the form is missing information, it will be automatically rejected!
  1. If you require emergency or priority pay, ask your manager for help in completing a request for emergency salary advance / priority pay through your Department.
  1. To request an update on a Phoenix case that was previously submitted, use Track myCASE (available on the Government of Canada network only, and formerly the Phoenix Case Status Request form).
  1. If your pay stub does not provide clear or complete pay information, use your Intranet-based Compensation Web Applications, which have additional pay information not included on pay stubs. Members are also encouraged to review the Public Service Pay Centre’s guidance site.

Need Our Help?

  1. In the event that you are not receiving any pay, or if you experience difficulties getting the employer to process your emergency/priority pay request, we encourage you to contact our dedicated staff at  (PIPSC also offers loans to members especially hard hit by Phoenix. To find out more click here.)

Help us keep the pressure on government to replace Phoenix with a system that works – one built by federal IT experts. Email the ministerial working group today.