RCMP civilian members’ concerns about Phoenix have been heard

PIPSC RCMP civilian members’ concerns have been heard. It’s been recommended that deeming is delayed due to Phoenix.

The President of the Treasury Board, Jean-Yves Duclos, in consultation with the Minister of Public Safety, Bill Blair, has decided to recommend to the Treasury Board not to proceed with the planned RCMP deeming date of May 21, 2020.

“This is the right decision and a win for our members. We are pleased to hear that our civilian members’ concerns with Phoenix have been heard loud and clear,” said Debi Daviau, PIPSC President. “I want to thank all PIPSC members for standing with the RCMP civilian members by emailing decision-makers.”

Thousands of PIPSC members emailed key decision-makers to stop the transition of RCMP civilian members to Phoenix. They asked them to delay deeming and remain with the current pay system until the government introduces a new, fully functional pay system.

Brenda Lucki, the RCMP Commissioner, contacted RCMP civilian members to inform them that extensive testing on the stability of the Phoenix pay system was completed and that they concluded they were “not completely satisfied that all conditions are in place to successfully proceed with deeming.”

“We will continue to work with the Treasury Board and the RCMP Commissioner to ensure that we have a clear path forward. We must ensure that there are appropriate mechanisms to bring the RCMP into the public service,” said Daviau.

As PIPSC leadership continues their work with the RCMP Commissioner, we will keep RCMP civilian members informed of any changes or progress.

The existing terms and conditions of RCMP civilian members’ employment remain unchanged with this announcement.

Any RCMP civilian members who experience any workplace issues should contact their steward.