New Phoenix-related overpayments will not be immediately collected

If you have experienced a Phoenix-related overpayment after March 22, 2020, the repayment of this amount has been temporarily suspended.

This includes overpayment of wages, emergency salary advance or priority payment related to Phoenix. If you wish to repay the Phoenix overpayment, you may do so by contacting the Client Contact Centre.

If you have an existing repayment plan in place with the Pay Centre those payments will continue. These plans can be modified if you are experiencing hardship, please contact the Client Contact Centre right away.

The recovery of other amounts owing from routine pay transactions will continue:

  • overpayments of less than 10% of an employee’s gross bi-weekly pay
  • periods of leave without pay of 5 days or less
  • overdrawn leave (vacation/sick) upon the termination of employment (for reasons other than incapacity/illness and layoff)
  • cancellation of leave with income averaging agreement by the employee, where the leave has been taken
  • amounts advanced on behalf of employees for union dues
  • maternity/parental allowance, where the employee has not fulfilled their obligation as set out in their collective agreement or terms and conditions of employment
  • amounts owed to public service health insurance plans, pension, supplementary death benefit or disability/long-term disability due to periods of leave without pay.

The recovery will also continue for overpayments associated with the termination of employment, end-of-term or casual contracts without further extension or renewal (from first available funds).

If your pay has been deducted for Phoenix overpayments, emergency salary advances or priority payments after March 23, 2020 – please contact our Phoenix Help Team for support.