Discussions ongoing with SSC on NextGen Phoenix replacement

On January 26, 2021, Shared Services Canada (SSC)’s Shereen Miller (ADM Next Generation HR and Pay - NextGen) and Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer (OCHRO)’s Stephanie Poliquin (ADM, People Mgt Systems and Processes) updated the PIPSC Board of Directors and Advisory Council on the project’s progress.

The detailed presentation and Q & A session demonstrated how far NextGen has come over the past year thanks to the hard work and dedication of union and employer representatives. PIPSC is a key player on NextGen’s Joint Union Management Committee and has been actively involved in the project since the government first announced it in mid-2018.

SSC’s intention for the next 3 years is to work on a rigorous, open and transparent process designed to find a way forward on a new solution. Lessons learned over this period will form the basis of eventual decisions on the replacement of the legacy HR and Phoenix pay systems currently in place throughout the core public service.

If the inaugural pilot, currently underway at Canadian Heritage, is successful, it will lead to recommendations for the system’s eventual adoption and implementation. If not, problems will have occurred within a controlled environment and will provide a better understanding of how to move forward. The pilot and subsequent tests are being run in parallel with existing systems and will not impact our members’ pay.

A later stage will seek to prove that the proposed architecture, solution, processes and approach resolve the challenges encountered on the way, as well as demonstrate their scalability and flexibility. This will involve employees represented by approximately 40% of the federal government’s collective agreements. The final stage will see the proposed solution scaled and deployed to additional departments.

We are committed to turning the page on Phoenix and to continue working in close collaboration with ADMs Miller and Poliquin and their respective teams towards the successful implementation of NextGen.