Working to bring back your pension statements halted by Phoenix

Until 2017, members of the Public Service Pension Plan were provided with an annual pension statement. 

As a result of the failed Phoenix pay system, the Pension Centre has been unable to issue these statements.

We are aware of this issue and have been actively collaborating with the Treasury Board and the Pension Centre to mitigate the inconvenience you’ve been experiencing.

Unfortunately, because Phoenix is unreliable, the Pension Centre cannot confirm their member information is accurate and they will not provide annual pension statements until the records are fixed. The Centre could face serious legal consequences for providing inaccurate pension information.

It is important to note that the problem does not rest with the Pension Centre – it rests with Phoenix. Public servants – like all Canadians – deserve to be paid accurately and on time. We are pushing the government to replace Phoenix and insisting that unions like ours must be consulted on the work to find the replacement. This work is underway.

 If you are nearing retirement, please review the online pension resources.

For any questions you have about your specific case please contact the pension centre.


Learn more information about the Treasury Board’s position on Pension Statements: