Phoenix resources - they’re for you!

Weathering this Phoenix storm has not been easy, we know. We’re all in this together and we are working hard to make sure a range of resources are available for you.

We’ve updated our information on the actions you can take to have Phoenix errors addressed.

Help with Phoenix

We are making advances. The new compensation deal has allowed members to receive up to five days in additional paid vacation time. The agreement also provides a claims process that will be available soon. We will support you to get back every dollar you are owed.

If you are struggling now to make ends meet, emergency pay is still available from your employer and we are ready to help you access it. We also offer loans to members especially impacted by Phoenix.

We know the stress of dealing with Phoenix is real and impacts your lives. Your union is with you.

We want you to have the resources you need.

If you are in crisis, please call Crisis Services Canada:


Services are available in both French and English.

It is ok to not be ok. There is support to help you deal with Phoenix errors, make a claim to get the money you are owed, get emergency pay and talk to someone about the toll this is all taking. You deserve all the support you need. It’s for you.

We will continue to pull together to put this Phoenix disaster behind us. And we will continue to celebrate the incredible contributions you make to our country despite these challenges! We are better together.