Policy grievances filed over the recovery of Phoenix overpayments

In the fall of 2021, the recovery process for Phoenix overpayments was launched for employees who the Public Service Pay Centre believed were overpaid by the Phoenix pay system in 2016 and onwards.

Employees were sent overpayment letters and were given 4 weeks to respond by accepting or challenging the amount or the validity of the overpayment. Failure to respond would result in the recovery of the stated overpayment.

While some members have received an overpayment letter accurately representing an overpayment amount, many have faced numerous issues with the process. PIPSC has filed policy grievances due to the employer’s approach to recovering overpayments. The policy grievances challenge the coercive manner in which the recovery of overpayments is being done. Examples of this include the employer’s failure to provide employees with accurate information or repayment options for the alleged incurred overpayments.

Some members may have received an overpayment letter for recovery of payments more than 6 years ago. Overpayments made more than 6 years ago are past the statutory limitation period for recovery. If this applies to you, please contact our Phoenix Help Team by filling out our Phoenix Pay Help Form. Our team will provide you with next steps including instructions on how to file a grievance.

If you have mistakenly received an overpayment letter or received an inaccurate overpayment letter, please review our FAQs. You can find instructions on how to respond to an overpayment letter and guidance on next steps. 

In the case that a compensation advisor fails to provide you with any details helping you understand your overpayment or reasonable repayment options, we will assist you with the next steps, including filing a grievance. PIPSC remains available to support all members in resolving their Phoenix pay issues.