NAV CANADA Executive Meeting

May 13, 2022

Ottawa Conference and Event Centre

Ottawa, On







President (MS)

Vice President (PT)

Secretary (EF)

Treasurer (MK)

Member at Large (MK)

Member at Large (LD)



  1. Call to order





  1. Adoption of agenda

Moved by MK. Seconded by LD.




  1. Approval of Minutes of Feb 11, 2022 

Moved by MK. Seconded by PT.





  1. Business arising from previous minutes





  1. President Update


  • Continued following and supporting employees that have filed individual grievances regarding the denial of their FWA request
  • Coordinated and organized annual group BBQ to be held on August 30th
  • Held multiple consultation meetings with management.  Following these meetings, I updated the group executive of the items discussed.  Note no decisions are ever made in these meetings without the agreement of the entire executive.  They are as follows:
  • Return to work plan

Met with management where they provided high level plan for return to the workplace on different occasions.  Informed the employer that the bargaining unit does not agree with the company’s plan and should allow for members to continue working from home where it has been without issue for over two years.

  • Competitions
  • Departure of Labor Relations manager from NAV

Discussed the departure of the Labor Relations Manager assigned to our group.  NAV did not have a replacement and the process of recruiting someone is ongoing.  In the interim, we have been assigned Sheri King, Director of Labor Relations. 

  • Harassment and Violence Prevention

Participated in the review of Harassment and Violence Prevention report reviews of incidents at NAV CANADA.  Provided feedback of the Harassment and Violence Prevention policy review as a member of the working group and steering committee

  • Disability Case Management review

Held four update meetings with Disability management where they provide an update on PIPSC members that are on Short or long term disability.  I have been doing this for about 36 months now to ensure that Sunlife or any other 3rd party provider is putting undue hardship on our members while they are disabled.


  • Met with all members in small groups of about thirty to hear their feedback.  Following meetings, compiled FAQ of all questions asked.
  • Responded to member inquires of interpretation of our collective agr
  • NCBAA: Coordinated and chaired monthly meetings for all unions at NAV CANADA to meet and collaborate on items of interest.
  • NCJC: Met with Benefits and Executive committee of the NCJC.  Received updates of the status of the plan from Sunlife
  • Assisted members spouse with processing death benefits at NAV.  Attended the funeral virtually on behalf of PIPSC members
  • Raised concerns of abuse of authority in the workplace with Mark Cooper. 
  • Met with incoming and outgoing CEO and VP of LR
  • Assisted an employee to receive an ERI to leave the company.
  • Advisory Council meeting
  • Separate Employers meeting
  • Office Set up: flexible working arrangements





  • Vice-President Update


  • Pay equity meeting with Amanda Hicks, management and all the unions.
  • Flex work issues
  • MOA questions and meeting with members
  • Attended Executive update meetings
  • Attended the members’ small groups meetings




  1. Financial Update


  • Treasurer provided an update on the budget and balance remaining
  • Updated the group on the forecasted budget for next year
  • Went over the expenses accrued through the year
  • Treasurer submitted treasurer report to PIPSC to get funding for this fiscal year around June.
  • Answered questions about the elections
  • Dealt with members regarding the confusing MOA email
  • Attended Executive update meetings
  • Attended the members’ small groups meetings


Motion to accept by MK. Seconded by MS.




  1. Secretary Update


  • Sent the Sep 13th 2021 minutes for publishing
  • Sent the Nov 24th 2021 minutes for publishing
  • Attended Executive update meetings
  • Attended the members’ small groups meetings
  • Listened to members’ questions and feedback regarding the workplace and the union updates.
  • Assisted members with CA related questions.
  • Flex questions
  • MOA questions
  • Elections questions
  • SAFE survey discussion with management eventually
  • Assisted a member with leave without pay related questions.




  1. Members at large update 



  • Election chair mandate is over
  • Fielded lots of questions to not get involved in the elections
  • Questions about MOA
  • Attended Executive update meetings
  • Attended the members’ small groups meetings




  1. Grievance update


  • Currently it is a Flex policy grievance (ERO: Alexandra Hobson)
  • If managers deny it, it will be as individual grievances.
  • The ERO’s message: Office supplies are the members’ responsibility.
  • EF asked: What about members who were approved for 0 days from the office? Company’s message: That didn’t count. That was a survey with mixed messages from the company on the first workday form. So members need to resubmit with 0 days and wait for response from management. (use the sent form or the workday form)




  1. Negotiations


  • Classification update: Mayel and John created a presentation to respond to management’s questions about how we got to the numbers. We are waiting for a final version
  • As negotiator, I’m invited to the Group Executive meeting as an observer
  • PIPSC losing staff, this affected us as negotiators (we were down to one admin assistant) for 70 thousand members; only one AA (admin assistant)
  • The MOA was put on the back burner because of direction from PIPSC to freeze everything except proceed with election.
  • He received dozens of email regarding the MOA topic.
  • The MOA is ready to go out now that we have 3 of the 5 AAs back
  • Pierre’s understanding is that it was approved.
  • Elections: Flurry of emails were received.
  • They had a discussion at PIPSC about the MOA





  • Refer to section 5 (President Update)




  1. OSH report
  • LD:  didn’t attend National OSH meeting, reviewed the minutes





  1. Other Business






  1. Adjournment


Moved by EF. Seconded by MS.