NAV CANADA Executive Meeting

October 31, 2023

250 Tremblay Rd

Ottawa, ON


(Original submitted in English)


President (MS)

Vice President (TG)

Secretary (EF)

Treasurer (HA)

Member at Large (MK)

Member at Large (LG)

Member at Large (NH)


  1. Call to order

9:00AM - (LG) absent


  1. Adoption of agenda

Moved by NH. Seconded by HA.


  1. Approval of Minutes of June 9, 2023 

Moved by HA. Seconded by MK.




  1. Business arising from previous minutes



  1. President Update


Attended the advanced Steward training school at PIPSC to refresh grievance preparing and writing skills.

Continued working towards a certificate in Industrial Relations and Human Resources at Athabasca University.  My current course is in a senior level course covering the fundamentals of labor negotiations.


 Flexible working arrangement (FWA)

The employees that filed individual grievances regarding the denial of their FWA request.  We allowed by the NAV CANADA meaning they were granted their request to work from home as pe their individual request – from full time to hybrid

 Dependent contractors

Met with PIPSC legal to review the dependant contractors at NAV.  Letter was sent by Jennifer Carr demanding a list of all contractors performing PIPSC work. NAV CANADA provided a list early last year and an updated one last summer.  We filed one policy grievance and one individual grievance on the matter at the first level of the grievance process and will update the members as the process continues.


Put pressure on NAV Canada and PIPSC to host a joint presentation on the new classification system that is scheduled for November 7, 2023.

Met with the bargaining team and the employer in an attempt to resolve the outstanding item of the new pay scales for the new system.  Took the lead to coordinate and schedule mediation for November 15 and arbitration for November 22 if the matter is not resolved before then.


Informed the members when our notice to bargain was filed with NAV.  The parties met on a few occasions to resolve the pay imbalance but have not agreed to anything yet.  We hope to keep talks ongoing and will keep the members informed with any progress.


Held multiple consultation meetings with management.  Following these meetings I updated the group executive of the items discussed.  They are as follows:

 ·       Return to work plan

Met with management where they provided high level plan for return to the workplace on different occasions.  Informed the employer that the bargaining unit does not agree with the company’s plan and should allow for members to continue working from home where it has been without issue.

 ·       New Labor Relations manager with NAV

Worked with a new Labour Relations Manager at NAV (Nick Miller).  Spent time discussing the current situation our group is in with regards to Contractors, working form home, pay imbalance created by us giving up our economic increases in 2021.

·        Harassment and Violence Prevention

Participated in the review of Harassment and Violence Prevention  report reviews of incidents at NAV CANADA.  Provided feedback of the Harassment and Violence Prevention policy review as a member of the working group and steering committee

 ·       Disability Case Management review

Held four update meetings with Disability management where they provide an update on PIPSC members that are on Short or long term disability.  I have been doing this for about 48 months now to ensure that Sunlife or any other 3rd party provider is not putting undue hardship on our members while they are disabled.

 ·                Met with PIPSC and NAV CANADA to discuss LOU 2-19 (Developmental Plan).  Began the review process with the group executive of a draft document created by NAV.

 Steward Meetings

Coordinated an all steward’s meeting last winter with Mark Cooper and Amanda Sarginson.  This provided a unique opportunity for our stewards to interact directly with Mark while providing him feedback regarding areas of concern in the work place.

 Group Survey

Coordinated our group survey to capture feedback from members.

 PIPSC Advisory Council

Attend quarterly PIPSC AC meetings.  150 different group leaders meet to provide guidance and feedback to the PIPSC board of directors.

Separate Employers

Attended quarterly PIPSC SE meetings.  15 different groups meet to discuss non treasury board related issues


Created and sent monthly updates to keep members informed of the group executive activities.

Responded to member inquires of interpretation of our collective agreement

Represented members at the complaint stage, step1, and step 2 of the grievance process.


Attended Executive and bargaining training with the group executive


Coordinated the AGM in December 2022.

Coordinated and chaired quarterly meetings for all unions at NAV CANADA to meet and collaborate on items of interest.

Created first ever union symposium for all NCBAA members.  This meeting is a one day event where all unions respective boards or executive participate by sharing information and bringing issues forward to a more united front. 

Participated as an observer to the NCBAA Trust for retiree benefits.

·       Coordinated the implementation of Dental benefits for retirees.  The program was launched over the summer and came into effect at the beginning of October, 2023

Coordinated and host first ever NCBAA union symposium in Gatineau, QC.  This provided an opportunity for all unions and there respective executives to meet and discuss a plan to work better together for the benefit of all

 Sub Groups

Attended and chaired west subgroup AGM for 2022

Participated in team building potluck lunch in December 2022


Met four times with the Benefits Committee for updates of the plan.

 Attended Annual General Meeting as co-chair in December to review activities of the year (Benefits and Allowances)

 It is an Administrative Services Only plan. Administered by Sunlife.   The benefits committee began the cyclical review process 

Captured all review feedback from all unions into a central review document to base our review proposals on.

 Attended the International Federation of Employee Benefits Canada  conference in November of 2022 and Sept of 2023 to keep up to date on matters concerning our benefits, including pension, at NAV.

 NAV CANADA Board Of Directors

Attended the NAV CANADA AGM as a member (designated as chair of the NCBAA).

 Attended the NAV CANADA Pension Committee meetings as an observer at all quarterly meetings.


Coordinated and organized annual group BBQ held on August 22th at 1601 Tom Roberts in Ottawa.  This better together event is completely paid by PIPSC general funds and I hope to see everyone again next year.


  1. Vice-President Update
  • Provided feedback to President on items in the workplace
  • Responded to competition items to ensure they are following the rules
  • Worked with Carla PIPSC to resolve some items in question.
  • Attended all hands meetings and Ask Me anything sessions.
  • Participated and provided input in the creation of the PIPSC survey
  • Provided input to ensure that Dependent contractors grievances are filed.
  • Met with the bargaining team and the employer on Classification pay scales for the new classification system.
  • Met with the bargaining team and the employer in order to begin the bargaining regarding ways to solve the pay imbalance created by MOAs.
  • Attended Executive and bargaining training.





  1. Financial Update


  • Treasurer provided an update on the budget and the balance remaining
  • Attended classification meeting session with NAV CANADA
  • Met with bargaining team and employer to try to resolve salary issues
  • Attended Executive meetings
  • Attended pay equity session
  • Attended briefing session with CATCA president to prepare for Bargaining
  • Participate in PIPSC survey
  • Participate in Eng-5 job description review
  • Member support with different issues
  • Completed financial report and budgeting exercise


Motion to accept by EF. Seconded by MK.




  1. Secretary Update
  • Dec 2, 2022 minutes still not published on PIPSC site
  • Met with bargaining team and management on classification
  • Assisted members with CA related questions.
  • Met with LR and Management to improve and resolve member/manager workplace relationship
  • Attended Ottawa South Branch AGM
  • Attended the NCBAA union symposium
  • Attended pay equity session
  • Attended all hands meetings and Ask Me anything sessions.
  • Participated and provided input in the creation of the PIPSC survey
  • Started looking and getting in contact with vendors for members’ promotional items


  1. Members at large update 


  • Attended Union Symposium’s dinner
  • Attended classification meeting session with NAV CANADA
  • Met with bargaining team and employer to try to resolve salary issues
  • Attended executive meetings
  • Attended briefing session with CATCA president to prepare for Bargaining
  • Participated in PIPSC survey


  • Participated in unofficial Executive meetings
  • Joined the NAV CANADA OSH Policy Committee as PIPSC Alternate
  • Attended the Joint NAV CANADA OSH Policy Committee meeting between the company and unions
  • Joined PIPSC NAV CANADA bargaining Team.
  • Initiated and Drafted Member Survey
  • Attended Ottawa South Branch AGM
  • Attended the NCBAA union symposium
  • Attended NCR Steward Council Oct 2023
  • Registered for steward training to be completed in November 2023 


  1.  Negotiations
  • MS discussed the Classification meetings and the group discussed plans/options


11. Grievance Update


  • 2 grievances filed against Nav Canada
  • 1 policy grievance re hiring contractors
  • One by MS individual grievance against contractors



  • Refer to section 5 (President Update)


  1. NOSH report
  • Looking for possible Management candidates to represent on the board re health and safety (that’s in discussion)


  1. Other Business
  • Discussed Sub groups role: One of Nav sub groups goals is to support the main group
  • Getting Group Executive shirts for our meetings

-     Members promotional items

-     Action item to MS: Follow up on our approved new group bylaws


  1. Adjournment


Moved by TG. Seconded by EF.