The joint negotiations of the PIPSC and the RCEA with NRC management has been completed with an updated agreement on the Workforce Adjustment Policy (WFA), including a change of name to WFA Provisions.  The gains achieved include an increase in the advanced notification period from 2 to a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the written surplus notification.  This will allow employees more time to adjust to pending changes to their job situation.  In addition, employees identified under the provisions will be reimbursed $1200 for financial planning advice.  This is an increase from $600, and no original receipts will be required.  Minor changes were made to wording to align with the new mission and values statements of NRC.  There was productive discussion on the information to be shared with the unions both prior to and during the marketing periods of a WFA situation.

Your WFA Bargaining Team 

PIPSC representatives: Marc MacMaster (RO Ottawa), Patricia Polowick (RO Saskatoon), Suzelle Brosseau (negotiator).

RCEA representatives: Joan Van Den Berg (negotiator) and Marvin Zaluski (RCEA VP).