Dear PIPSC SH Group members,


Thank you to the almost 1000 members who sent the letter to your MP! If you haven’t yet, it’s not too late! Help us turn up the heat on your employer! Find the link here: 


Your Bargaining Team met with Treasury Board on September 26th to 28th. We are deeply frustrated to report that after three long months, despite our patience and persistence, the Treasury Board has not presented a whole monetary proposal at the negotiation table. We therefore have unfortunately nothing to report to you on pay. We did review the articles on hours of work/shift work, vacation, and sick leave. 


We acknowledge we have now been 1 year without a collective agreement and in November, it will be 1 year since we’ve begun negotiations with the employer. However, Treasury Board is now on their 3rd negotiator that must get fully briefed on our complex and detailed proposal. This situation is discouraging as it has delayed our collective efforts to secure fair compensation and improved working conditions.


Nevertheless, we remain committed to achieve a fair deal for all members. We will continue to advocate for your rights and interests, and we won't be deterred by this setback. Stay engaged, stay strong, and together, we will work towards a resolution that reflects the value of your hard work and dedication. The SH Group represents 11 professions in 19 departments and your bargaining team will endeavour to take the time to uncover and discuss concerns for each. We recognize this process is long and frustrating, we encourage you stay connected for updates as we work towards a fair deal. Check with your colleagues to make sure they too are getting our updates. Meetings are planned with the Treasury Board for November and December. 


We also spent a morning highlighting the issues of the SH Group with PIPSC President, Jenn Carr.  She acknowledges the staffing crisis and pay discrepancies for our healthcare workers and has committed to making it a priority to get this message out publicly on our group’s behalf. 


We have planned drop-in sessions for November 1st from 7:00PM - 8:00PM. Another session will take place on November 2nd from 12:00PM- 1:00PM and 03:00PM - 04:00PM. Please stay tuned for those invites.


As a reminder, our proposals can be found here:


For any questions or concerns please contact the SH Group Negotiator or a member of the SH Bargaining Team. Contact information is found on the PIPSC SH Group Website: SH Group Bargaining Team | The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada


In Solidarity, 

SH Group Bargaining Team