Your Bargaining Team has been hard at work and we've made some progress on non-monetary articles. We recently met with the Treasury Board on December 12-14, 2023 and January 14-15, 2024, and we're happy to report that we've reached an agreement on many articles between 2 through 17.


We also had fulsome discussions on article 18- Career and Professional Development. It's an important topic, and we're committed to making sure that we get it right. 


We've also increased the frequency of our meetings with the employer, and we're pleased to announce that our next meetings are scheduled for February 13-15, 2024. 

After our next bargaining session, we'll be hosting online drop-in sessions to provide you with an update on the process and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have. So, stay tuned for more updates!


As a reminder, you can find our initial proposals here. We're in this together, and we appreciate your support. 

In solidarity,


Your SH Bargaining Team, PIPSC

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