14 groups have signed new collective agreements with Treasury Board!

We are celebrating big wins!

You give your best in your workplace and to your family, each and every day. We went into these negotiations to get agreements that acknowledge and support this – and we got results.

14 groups across Canada have signed their new collective agreements:

Applied Science and Patent Examination (SP)

Audit, Financial and Scientific (AFS)

Audit, Commerce, Purchasing (AV)

Engineering, Architecture and Land Survey (NR)

Health Services (SH) 

National Energy Board (NEB) 

National Film Board (NFB) 

National Research Council – Research Officer/Research Council Officer (NRC-RO/RCO) 

National Research Council – Information Services (NRC-IS)

National Research Council – Library Science (NRC-LS) 

National Research Council – Translation (NRC-TR) 

Research (RE) 

Nuclear Regulatory (NUREG) 

Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) 

Each of these collective agreements will include all of the central bargaining wins.

Major Central Bargaining wins:

  • A base wage increase of 7% for all groups over the next 4 years — in addition to the wage increase negotiated at your group’s table.
  • A historic win of 10 paid days of leave for survivors and victims of domestic violence.
  • Each member with a ratified contract will receive a $400 compensation for the extended implementation of this new contract.
  • Language on harassment that for the first time in the Canadian public service enshrines the right of a worker to a workplace free of harassment and violence.
  • PIPSC collaboration with Treasury Board to replace Phoenix is secured.
  • Members returning to work from parental leave will no longer be obligated to repay top-up if they move between departments and agencies for a new role.
  • If you are owed retroactive pay and you do not receive it within 180 days compensation of $50 will be award on day 181 and again every 90 days to a maximum of $450.

Some of our fellow union members continue their fight at the bargaining table. We stand together in enthusiastic solidarity insisting on a fair deal for every PIPSC member.