Bargaining solidarity

Many groups are bargaining now and members are working hard to get new collective agreements. You have the full solidarity and support of the 65,000 PIPSC members from coast, to coast, to coast.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Groups

All three of our Canadian Food Inspection Agency CFIA groups are now in the bargaining process.

Their bargaining teams are currently working hard in collaboration with our professional negotiators to bring a resolution to their bargaining issues.

Computer Systems Group

Our Computer Systems (CS) Group has a Public Interest Commission (PIC) scheduled for June 22 & 23. The role of the PIC is to help both parties come to an agreement. Information sessions and rallies are currently being organized and this group will need everyone’s support, especially if they take on job actions to support their demands.

Manitoba Association of Government Engineers

The Manitoba Association of Government Engineers (MAGE) Group is now negotiating with the government of Manitoba. This provincial government has put forward Bill 28 which seeks to limit workers’ rights. However, wage increase must be negotiated – not legislated by governments. We are fighting Bill 28 in court to ensure our members maintain their right to collective bargaining.

If Bill 28 is not defeated, it would limit annual wage increases to 0% in the first and second years of the collective agreement, 0.75% increase in the third year and a 1% increase in the fourth year. This is well below the basic cost of living increases and is unacceptable.

Nav Canada Group

Nav Canada (NavCan) Group members and their bargaining team have worked hard and members voted March 10 to ratify their tentative agreement.

New Brunswick Groups

Our groups in New Brunswick are now heading into negotiations with the provincial government. Currently, there is a minority conservative government and an election could be called any time. We know these groups will fight hard to get a fair deal no matter the political climate they face.

Ontario Groups

Our members in the Ontario health sector and those working at the University of Ottawa are also beginning negotiations. Much like our members in Manitoba, these groups are up against a regressive provincial government. We are fighting Bill 124 in courts. This bill seeks to undermine workers’ rights by replacing collective bargaining with legislating wages. Bill 124 would cap all wage increase at 1%, below the cost of living. We are fighting back.

Our members working for the Senate, Museum of Nature, Museum of History and Museum of War are also getting ready to engage in negotiations with their respective employer.

We are standing together. Despite the resistance of employers or challenging political climates, we will not back down and we will deliver the best deal possible. We are 60,000 members strong and better together. Solidarity!