Central Bargaining 2023 - Core Issues

For the last 3 years, PIPSC members have worked hard to get Canadians through a global pandemic. Now our employer has the opportunity to show up for us the way we have shown up for them.

But we know it won’t be easy. 

The experience of other federal public service unions at the table shows that this government will continue to try to short-change us.

We need to come to the table united – and ready to fight for a better deal: the leave we need, the pay we deserve and the flexibility to keep giving our best.

Here are some core issues for the employer to tangibly demonstrate the recognition and respect public servants deserve. For specific demands we’re making at the table, please refer to your group bargaining team.


It is crucial that our members are paid at a rate that reflects both the value of their work and the skyrocketing costs of living. Otherwise, we are essentially taking a cut in pay. Strong salaries are also a key pillar in recruitment and retention efforts we need to build a strong public service. PIPSC will continue to fight for competitive pay that keeps up with inflation and keeps top talent like you.


Some of our members are needed on the frontlines to provide essential services, but others are now able to do their best work from their own homes. Forcing employees back to workplaces without rhyme or reason shows a lack of trust and respect. PIPSC will continue to fight for a return-to-office plan that is safe, flexible, and based on the “presence with a purpose” principle – and we’ll continue to push to negotiate telework at the table, where it belongs.

Right to disconnect

PIPSC members regularly go above and beyond during their work days, and they shouldn’t have to field work-related emails, phone calls, and meeting requests once that day is over. This is a recipe for burnout and resentment. PIPSC will continue to fight for work-life balance for employees, complete with rest periods that are essential to wellness, health and safety. If Doug Ford’s government can offer its employees the right to disconnect, so can this one.


Employees are human people with their own lives. Sometimes those lives come with individual or family challenges that require workers to take time away from their jobs. When these challenges arise, you should be able to count on the support of your employer. PIPSC will continue to fight for leave policies that recognize the variety of valid reasons our members might require time off.

Solidarity and belonging

Everyone deserves conditions that allow us to give our best. For some this means working from home, for others, this means being able to show up as our true selves – without having to worry about harassment or social exclusion. In fact, our employer should be celebrating and accommodating our differences in ways that enable us to do our best work. PIPSC will continue to fight for modern and progressive employment policies that ensure no workers are left behind.