Central Bargaining Economic Gains

When you vote YES to your group’s tentative agreement, your new contract will include all central bargaining wins. These wins include significant economic gains:

Wage Increase
You deserve wages that reflect the real cost of living. PIPSC members have successfully negotiated with the Treasury Board to secure a 7% base wage increase over the next 4 years for all groups.
This is in addition to the wage increases negotiate at your group’s table.

Late Implementation Bonus
Once your contract is signed, you will receive $400 compensation for the extended implementation of this new contract. We knew that the employer would not be able to meet our implementation deadlines, so we secured a penalty payment right off the top.

Retroactive Pay Penalties
You must be compensated for the late delivery of your retro pay. If you are owed retroactive pay and you do not receive it within 180 days of your agreement’s signing, compensation of $50 will be awarded on day 181. Every 90 days after, another $50 will be awarded to a maximum of $450.

Vote YES to secure these wins.

Some groups have tentative agreements now and others continue their important work at the bargaining table.
Find information on your group-specific negotiations at pipsc.ca/groups.