Retro pay and parental leave

If you took maternity or parental leave during the retro pay period, you will receive your retro pay in two phases. You may not have received the second payment yet.

The first payment was determined by applying the percentage increases to the parental or maternity leave allowance that you’ve already been paid. This was done more quickly as part of an automated mass payment operation.

For the second payment, the employer will address each employee’s file and manually adjust for the difference between everything you’ve already been paid and 93% of your new salary. This step will take longer to complete.

If you have not yet received all of your retro pay, you are now also owed a $50 late penalty and additional $50 payments for every 90-day delay, up to $450.

Here are two examples to help you understand your own retro pay:

Example of retro pay entitlement with EI

Example of retro pay entitlement with QPIP