Many members have been asking — what comes next in the CS bargaining process?

Bargaining process

In May 2019, the employer proposed a comprehensive offer that was of little benefit and included significant negative impacts to CS members like you. The employer was not willing to respond to our demands and the discussions ended abruptly on May 28. No agreement was reached and an impasse was declared.


The CS Bargaining team and employer began a mediation process in the summer of 2019. We made it clear that we were eager to reach an agreement but that it must meet our demands for fair market adjustments to our pay and pay parity with other IT workers.

The employer was quick to argue for the maintenance of the status quo in regards to pay and saw no reason to change the offer they had made in May.

The mediation failed to move us closer to a resolution.

Public Interest Commission (PIC)

We find ourselves heading into a PIC process.

The PIC is a three-person panel — the union and the employer will each nominate an appointee who will then agree on a chairperson. The panel will hear arguments from both sides and then make recommendations for an agreement based on five criteria set in the Public Service Labour Relations Act.

These recommendations will suggest how to continue negotiations and reach an agreement that satisfies both sides. Our hope is that this report will serve as a basis for going back to the negotiation table with a strong mandate.

Learn more where both sides stand:

Central table gains and our CS demands

The CS bargaining team will do everything in our power to secure a deal that:

  • includes a fair market adjustment to our pay, addressing recruitment and retention issues
  • ensures we get pay parity with other IT workers to stop the growing wage discrepancy
  • secures our call-back pay
  • invests in the training required to do your job better as identified in a performance review

We trust that the employer will honour the gains won at the central table by PIPSC last spring.

In the coming weeks, we will monitor closely the PIC hearings and results for our brothers and sisters in the Public Service Alliance of Canada, who have also not reached a tentative agreement.

You can get involved!

Now is the time to put our employer on notice — it’s time for pay parity, to secure call-back pay and invest in training.

Information sessions will be held across the country in the coming weeks. We will be encouraging you to show your CS colours in the workplace to show our unity and strength. Stay tuned.

The CS Group and Bargaining Team rely on the support of our members and want to recognize the efforts that many of you have made. Thank you and stay strong!


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