Central table bargaining update #3

The PIPSC Central Bargaining Team is fighting to ensure no worker is left behind.


The PIPSC Central Table Bargaining Team held our second meetings with Treasury Board representatives February 28 to March 2, 2023. The Central Table negotiations aim to bargain common language to be integrated into group collective agreements, ensuring consistency and fairness, while Group tables negotiate specific language around pay and working conditions for each of the occupational groups represented by PIPSC.

Over three days of meetings, discussions ranged between principles and specific elements of both PIPSC and TBS proposals. Your team brought in experts, legal precedent and member experiences gathered from your bargaining survey responses, your e-mails and your conversations with team members. We argued to protect your hard-fought rights, integrate best practices from other agreements and embed common sense and procedural fairness into your contract. Discussions with the employer were fulsome and we turned our minds to the potential effects of every change proposed by the employer.

We held the employer’s feet to the fire on embedding fair language in your collective agreement around telework and work location, pushed for better recourse around errors in overpayment recovery, and aimed to ensure that the scope of contract language is inclusive of all members. Green initiatives and their connections to meaningful consultation and adequate workplace facilities also sparked significant discussion.

We are experiencing some momentum in discussions but much remains to do in our fight for you.

The next central bargaining dates are scheduled for April 11 to 13, 2023.

In solidarity,

Your Central Table Bargaining Team