Your bargaining team of Sharon Trasatti, Kellie Moorman and Nicholas Pernal (PIPSC Negotiator),

met with the FNHA on August 22-24 and again October 3-5, 2017 for the first two bargaining sessions.

The focus of these meetings were to discuss non-monetary issues. The following points were discussed:

  • Corrections and consolidations to make your collective agreement easier to read
  • Expanding communication tools between union members on the employer's system
  • Clear information on payroll stubs
  • Weekend relief (free fom being on call) for nurses in 2-nurse stations
  • Updating the harassment language in the collective agreement

The next bargaining session is scheduled to take place October 31- November 2, 2017. We will be finalizing the discussions on the new harassment language and continue to discuss other non-monetary interests.

In Solidarity,

Sharon, Kellie and Nick

Your Bargaining Team