Our last Bargaining Team Update was in July 2017 and over the last several months, we have been working diligently with senior PIPSC management to re-engage in meaningful bargaining.

As mentioned, in our February update, we made it very clear to the Employer, that we would not meet with them again without first receiving their monetary offer. Unfortunately, over the last 7 months and numerous attempts on our behalf at meaningful engagement, a CFIA management pay offer never materialized so we made the decision to proceed with non-binding conciliation (arbitration) and we are currently in the process of preparing the application for arbitration with the possibility of mediation.

As part of the arbitration process, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) must be signed by both sides at the beginning of the process. Over three weeks ago, on behalf of your bargaining team, the PIPSC negotiator sent the MOA to the CFIA management team negotiator for their signature. As no response has been received at this time, we have instructed PIPSC to approach Treasury Board to ensure CFIA signs the MOA so we can proceed with the process.

Our preference is to negotiate a fair collective agreement at the table; however, given the length of time that has transpired and once again the delay in the signing of a crucial bargaining document, we will wait to see whether the Employer is serious about reaching a deal with our group at the bargaining table, that includes a fair pay proposal including a market adjustment to address long standing pay issues within the Group.

Your Bargaining Team will continue to focus on improving pay (including the SR conversion), career development & training, earlier vacation accrual, more flexibility for people with families and scientific integrity.

Finally, at this time, due to the nature of the arbitration process and the unpredictable response time of the CFIA Management team, it is not possible to predict, with any level of certainty, when we will have a new collective agreement.

We will keep you informed of further developments.

Your Bargaining Team