Central Bargaining - Strength in Numbers

As bargaining season is upon us we are Better Together. Building on our success with Work Force Adjustment and our excellent progress with the Employee Wellness Support Program, representatives from the eighteen (18) groups* under the Treasury Board have joined forces to negotiate common issues at a central bargaining table.

Common issues that PIPSC would like to discuss include: pay rules, family leave, workplace harassment, family day, duration of agreement and economic increase.

The Central Bargaining Team met in August and September to establish proposals. The Team is planning to initiate bargaining this fall.

Central Bargaining Team members: Robert Trudeau, AFS; Rob Scott, CS; Adam Fenwick, SH; Kim McGuire, AV; Elizabeth Ptasznik, SP; Mehran Alaee, RE; Dale Hudson, NR; Stéphanie Fréchette, CFIA-S&A and Louis Poirier, NRC-RO/RCO.

*Eighteen (18) groups represented by the Central Bargaining Team

AFS: Audit, Financial and Scientific - CRA Group

AV: Audit, Commerce & Purchasing Group

CFIA-IN: Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Informatics Group

CFIA-S&A: Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Scientific and Analytical Group

CFIA-VM: Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Veterinary Medicine Group

CS: Computer Systems Group

NEB: National Energy Board Group

NFB: National Film Board Group

NR: Engineering, Architecture and Land Survey Group

NRC-IS: National Research Council - Information Services

NRC-LS: National Research Council - Library Science

NRC-RO/RCO: National Research Council - Research Officer / Research Council Officers

NRC-TR: National Research Council - Translation

NUREG: Nuclear Regulatory Group

OSFI: Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Group

RE: Research Group

SH: Health Services Group

SP: Applied Science and Patent Examination Group