The Elections Committee strives to ensure that biographical sketches meet the obligations under By-Law 24.1.1 (d) and under the Election Campaign Administrative Procedures. With that in mind, the Elections Committee did make some decisions to remove small sentences or phrases from biographical sketches and advised the respective candidates of each decision. In some other cases, the Elections Committee made requests to candidates to reword portions of their biographical sketch.

Comments made by candidates in their biographical sketch are opinion and occasionally the opinion may not necessarily represent the facts. It is not practical nor possible for the Elections Committee to fully scrutinize all candidate biographical sketches for accuracy.

All the positions are for 3-year terms beginning January 1, 2022 and ending December 31, 2024.

President (1 position)

Stéphane Aubry
Jennifer Carr
Gary Corbett
Peter Gilkinson

Vice-President – Full-Time (2 positions)

Allaudin Alibhai
Yvon Brodeur
Norma Domey
Jennie Esnard
Sean O’Reilly
Al Ravjiani
Frank Wong

Vice-President – Part-Time (2 positions)

Sylvia Boucher
David Chu
Stéphanie Fréchette
Eva Henshaw
Din Kamaldin
Peter Taticek
David Young

BC/Yukon Regional Director (1 position)

Kal Sahota – Acclaimed

Prairies/Northwest Territories Director (1 position)

Samah Henein
Sharon Losinski
William Stewart

Ontario Regional Director (1 position)

Linda Joly
John Purdie

National Capital Regional Director (4 positions)

Waheed Khan
Matthew MacLeod
Stacy McLaren
Mark Muench
Sherry Oake
Glen Schjerning
Greg Scriver
Dave Sutherland

Québec Regional Director (1 position)

Denis Caissy
Pierre Potvin
Gerlando Renna

Atlantic Regional Director (1 position)

Emmanuel Costain – Acclaimed