Candidate for Vice-President (Part-Time) – Din Kamaldin

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Candidate for Vice-President (Part-Time)

Din Kamaldin

(Regular member)

Work Experience:

Senior Risk Management Analyst, City of Toronto, 1995 - 2000

Senior HST Auditor, CRA, Toronto North Office, 2002 - current 

Advocacy Experience:

2011 Active Steward successfully represent members during various proceedings, including at Grievance hearings up to Level 3, Conflict resolution sessions, Internal Investigations, Staffing recourse, and at the Canadian Human Rights Commission.


2012 Elected Toronto North Branch Vice President

  • Attend employee and union management meetings 
  • Serve on various committees, such as Occupational Health & Safety (OHS), ensuring compliance with the Canada Labour Code regarding COVID-19 protocols and Bill C-65’s “workplace harassment and violence” procedures
  • Steward engagement and communication on grievances and staffing matters
  • We stopped GTA Modernization forced move: Mobilized members and filed 800 grievances.

2015 Elected Vice-Chair of the Ontario Region Executive

  • Chair meetings, build consensus, plan and organize events, and resolutions developments. 
  • Represent the Region at PIPSC Human Rights & Diversity Committee as the Chair / Member. Chair of PIPSC Caucus, I am working with parliamentarian caucus on behalf of the members.


  • PIPSC Governance. Board of Directors (BoD) not respecting membership wishes or following our mandate and values. Instead operating in a culture of conflicts, no consensus and self interests.
  • Anticipated Government of Canada cuts, return to office initiatives, and vaccination requirements after federal elections. 
  • We contribute over $600K annually to Canada Labour Congress (CLC), and other costly defected initiatives and internal disputes. CLC adds no valve nor does disputes that could have been avoid or non transparent initiatives. Use the savings to settle building mortgage within 5 years, avoid union dues increase and manage ERO’s retention.

Action Plan:


  • Build BoD consensus
  • Implement PIPSC mandate and values to defend member rights and interest
  • Provide sound fiscal management with complete disclosure and transparency
  • Protect pensions; and 
  • End human rights violations.

With the Employer: 

  • COVID-19 related accommodations, in particular with regard to mandatory vaccinations
  • External staffing hirings unless exhausted internal resources
  • Contracting out 
  • Bill C-65 new requirements
  • Human rights violations
  • Participate in bargaining better pay & benefits
  • Protect Stewards from management retaliation

My PIPSC business knowledge extends regionally and nationally. I have the ability to mange risks, anticipate issues, strategize, lead, and build consensus. 

Email me at , should you have questions or visit my profile (14) Din I. Kamaldin | LinkedIn  more about me.

I will serve members interest integrity”

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