Call for Volunteers for 2024

PIPSC Official Languages Inclusion Team 


If you are interested in participating as Chair or Member of the Official Languages Inclusion Team (OLIT) for 2024, you are invited to submit your expression of interest by completing the prescribed form by the deadline of Friday May 3, 2024. 


Note 1 The OLIT is comprised of 8 people (1 Official Languages bilingual chair, 3 Francophones (a minimum of 1 who is also an allophone), 3 Anglophones (a minimum of 1 who is also an allophone) and 1 Staff Member (Subject Matter Expert who is an active participant)


Note 2 OLIT member responsibilities are defined in the PIPSC Policy on Committees of the Board


Note 3 OLIT members are chosen using the following criteria in order of importance:

  1. People who are not self-interested but rather want others to win too. Members are not there to solve their personal problems but rather to solve the global issues that all members are dealing with.
  2. Primary Diversity Criteria – Anglophone, Francophone, Allophone, Unilingual (those that speak only one official language and have limited access).
  3. Secondary Diversity Criteria – profession, geography, people who really get the barriers and may have lived through and are living through the barriers.


Note 4 Only volunteers who have complied with the due-process call for nominations, and have adhered to the prescribed time lines, shall be deemed to be eligible candidates.


Application Process


Fill out the prescribed form by clicking on the following link: Application form. The instruction process for applying is listed below:


Note 5 As a condition of appointment applying to any Committees, you may be required to sign a confidentiality agreement and a conflict of interest declaration confirming that, as a member of a Committee, you will declare any perceived or real conflict of interest with any matters being discussed in the Committee. Moreover, you may be required to be available for meetings of the Committee on very short notice pursuant to the applicable by-laws.


  • Indicate your Group and Region.


  • State whether you are applying as Chair or Member. 


Note 6 If you are not selected as Chair, you will automatically be considered as a member.

  • List any Committees of the Board on which you served for the past five (5) years.


  • Include a brief rationale (on the prescribed form) outlining the reasons why you wish to be considered and what you would bring to the work of the committee you are applying for.  



The deadline for expressions of interest is no later than Friday, May 3, 2024.




Please consult the information on the Selection Process and Selection Criteria by following these links: 

Committees of the Board, Institute By-Laws and Policy on Committees of the Board of Directors.


If you have any questions, please contact us at:


23 November 2022
On October 31, 2022 PIPSC submitted its comments in writing to this Committee regarding Bill C-13, An Act to amend the Official Languages Act, to enact the Use of French in Federally Regulated Private Businesses Act and to make related amendments to other Acts.
17 September 2019
PIPSC marks the 50th anniversary of the coming into effect of the Official Languages Act on September 7, 1969, and the 10th anniversary of the Linguistic Duality Day celebrated annually on the second Thursday of September throughout the public service of Canada.
13 June 2019
Since March, there has been a new-found interest by Canadians in the Official Languages Act.
4 June 2019
The federal government is currently undertaking a review to modernize the Official Languages Act (OLA), which became law in 1969.  It is consulting Canadians on this issue, and in this context the Institute recently submitted its views on potential changes to the Act.
3 June 2019
The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) Submission on proposed changes to the Official Languages Act. (PIPSC is the bargaining agent for some 60,000 public service professionals across the country, the majority of whom are employed by the federal government.
20 March 2019
Every year on March 20, francophones and francophiles around the world mark the International Day of La Francophonie. With the theme of En français… s’il vous plaît [In French…please], 220 million Francophones and friends worldwide celebrate their language and culture.