Candidate for NCR Regional Director – Waheed Khan

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Candidate for NCR Regional Director

Waheed Khan

(Regular member)

  • Members Always Come First!
  • Fairness, Compassion and Respect!

I am seeking a renewed mandate to work constructively and collaboratively to achieve solid, measurable results for YOU in these areas:

  1. Transparency and member engagement: Board decisions must be transparent. Members must be informed about the rationale used to make decisions and an effective feedback mechanism established to receive members’ feedback before key decisions are made.
  2. Efficiency & Effectiveness: Your dues must be focused on your core priorities, to improve:
  • Collective Agreements: Our pay and benefits have been lagging.
  • Representation: Strengthening ERO/staff support for our stewards and members.
  • Terms and Conditions of Employment: Correct and on-time pay, improving health and dental care, protecting pensions, improving office space.) 
  • Post-COVID19 Work: Safe, secure and flexible, drawing on continuous advancement in technology.
  • Employee Wellness Support Program: Operationalize EWSP so that no employee loses pay when dealing with routine, chronic and episodic illnesses.
  1. Professional Development and Career Advancement: The current system of staffing and training, including language training, disadvantages professionals with specialized expertise and experience, and must be reformed to improve morale and reduce reliance on contractors.

I offer unwavering commitment to members, a solid record of accomplishments, and many years of proven expertise in improving our workplace through:

  1. Collective Bargaining: First-hand experience including the successful negotiation of Scientific Integrity Policy and Employee Wellness Support Program.
  2. Union-Management Consultation: As President of Environment Canada National Consultation Team, addressed a wide range of workplace issues.
  3. Chair, Human Rights & Diversity Committee (2019): As a Board member, developed PIPSC’s first-ever Code of Respect for 2019 AGM, subsequently adopted by the Board to improve Board meetings.
  4. Successfully championed Mental Health and Respectful Workplaces in the public service since 2014.
  5. Strongly advocated for the health and safety of our members during COVID19, increased support for members to work from home, support their families and improve work-life balance, resulting in upgraded IT networks, the use of 699 leave, financial support for home-office equipment and the recognition of home-office expenses.
  6. Extensive experience in serving, coaching & guiding members, stewards and youth (as Board member, consultation president, group and subgroup executive, and steward) and actively engaged with members at lunch & learn, on social media and several committees and working groups, advocating for our members.

Please vote to re-elect me!

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