Candidate for Vice-President (Full-Time) – Frank Wong

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Candidate for Vice-President (Full-Time)

Frank Wong

(Regular member)


  • Organized Toronto West members to file over 500 grievances, prepare presentations and write to our Prime Minister and Members of Parliament, and, co-ordinate with 3 other Toronto offices to successfully stop Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) 2017 plan to restructure the four Toronto offices and relocate over 2,000 staff  
  • Organized and executed PIPSC’s first and subsequent participation in Labour Day parades
  • President (March 2015 to Present) and Vice President (January 2010-March 2015) of Toronto West AFS Subgroup and Branch, two of the larger PIPSC constituent bodies, representing members at grievance, staffing recourse, harassment, and disciplinary hearings
  • Tax Auditor at CRA for 27 years

Our union needs an achiever and visionary who can help guide the Institute during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.  According to BNN Bloomberg, our federal government will have spent $500 million dollars by 2022 to address the needs of Canadians.  I believe a government fiscal reckoning is forthcoming. 


Job Protection/No Contracting Out:  Canadians expect and need the services we currently provide.  Hiring contractors is expensive and offer no consistent quality of excellence in serving the public. I will actively advocate to our Members of Parliament the benefits and economy of enhancing a healthy and professional public service.

Staffing Program Reform: How can taps on the shoulders for promotions be acceptable?  Hiring externally without a process?  Staffing must be included in our Collective Bargaining Agreements so that we can have a say in hiring and promotions.  Give me the opportunity to lobby our legislators to amend various legislation, including the Privacy Act, to allow this to happen. Seeking recourse on these offensive and other questionable appointments are seldom successful, with management citing the Privacy Act to refuse to provide assessment results of other candidates.

Enhancement of Benefits:  $275 for eyeglasses, $300 for massage therapy?  We need a better complement of health and dental care coverage (really, $500 for Erectile dysfunction drugs?)  Permit me to provide guidance to the National Joint Council representatives to re-jig the current suite of coverage, given the impending government fiscal restraints.    

Accordingly, I am humbly seeking your vote to be the Vice President, Full Time. According to PIPSC Bylaws, since our President delegates all work to Vice Presidents, as VP, I will ask to take on these and other challenges.   

Contact me at if you have any questions. Thank you.

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