Candidate for Ontario Regional Director – Linda Joly

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Candidate for Ontario Regional Director

Linda Joly

(Regular member)

Sudbury AFS Sub Group President 2013 – Present

Sudbury/North Bay Branch President 2013 – Present

Ontario Regional Executive 2015 – 2019

PIPSC National Professional Recognition and Qualifications Committee 2018 – 2020

PIPSC National Election Committee Member 2016 – 2018

I am running for the position of the PIPSC Ontario Director. I will represent you, our members at the National Level with Professionalism, Civility, and Respect.

My Commitment

¬ I will bring transparency to the Region with full disclosure, on a timely basis.

¬ The voice of the governing body will be heard. Delegates to our National AGM represent you; our Members, and your will should be valued and adhered to.

¬ I believe in inclusivity; all groups should maintain their autonomy; the decisions made by your Group Leaders acting on your behalf must be respected.

¬ I will work to ensure all Branches have accesses to resources to help their members.

¬ I will advocate and prioritize that PIPSC resources be allocated for additional Employment Relations Officers.

¬ I will work to ensure that employees have access to suitable work spaces whether in the office or in their home offices, where required in the Ontario Region.

¬ I will advocate on behalf of Canadians regarding PIPSC’s 3 Pillars: Tax Fairness, Contracting Out and Scientific Integrity, all while lobbying to protect the best interest of Canadians on behalf of you.

¬ I support the PIPSC Ontario Young Professionals Committee, who bring growth and enthusiasm to our Region. I will support the movement and involvement of young professionals, all while encouraging them to work with our experienced PIPSC leaders.

The Ontario Region needs a change; for progression and growth. I ask for your support in this Election and I ask you to vote for Linda Joly, for the position of PIPSC Ontario Regional Director. For more information, You may contact me at email me at

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