Candidate for Vice-President (Part-Time) – David Young

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Candidate for Vice-President (Part-Time)

David Young

(Regular member)

Dear PIPSC Members,

I seek your support to become the next part-time vice president. I will be a vice-president committed to principles of good governance.  I will work with you to address your issues. 

Raised in a coal mining community, I have seen unionism first hand and learned of its colourful, if not tragic, history. Most of all, I have learned that loyalty and dedication to the union cause is paramount. 

I also believe that the overriding characteristic of a public servant is to serve and protect Canada. That is why I believe in a strong public service union - Canadians serving Canada.

There is work to be done:

• We need to arrange a more efficient and effective collective bargaining process. How do we streamline the bargaining process while getting better collective agreements for members? 

• We need to more effectively address the out-sourcing of member’s work!

• We need to develop aggressive new strategies for attracting young members to empower them to protect their jobs. 

• We must enhance lobbying efforts with provincial and federal professional associations to re-engage the concept of professionalism in the public service.

• We must establish a more robust lobbying effort with our federal politicians to support science and research in the public service.

• We must prevent our pension plans from being moved to a defined contribution rather than the current defined benefit plan - remember the 30 billion dollar surplus debacle – we lose-

These are but a few of the challenges.

In closing, it gives me great pleasure to seek your Vote for part-time vice-president to serve and work with you as we look to the future. Let us face the challenges together. If you have an issue that affects your work, please contact me at the following:, or at 613-608-5712

I have served in various capacities on both National, Regional, Branch, Group, and Sub-group

Executive levels in different roles.

Union Experience:


1996-2021-Delegate PIPSC AGMs

1996-2021- Steward (received his 20 year steward service in 2017, nearing close to a quarter century as PIPSC Steward

1999-2001-Treasurer - AP group executive

2002-2021-AP and NR sub-group coordinator

2005-2021-Vice- President, NR group

2006-2021-NRCan branch president and executive

2006-2008-NRCan representative national (consultation)

2008-2011-VP of the NCR regional executive

2011-2014-PIPSC Science Advisory Committee member (SAC)

2005-2021-NR national group executive member 

2005-2021- Member of six NR collective bargaining committees

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