Candidate for President – Jennifer Carr

The views expressed in this biography are those of the candidate and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of PIPSC.

Candidate for President

Jennifer Carr

(Regular member)

I am honoured to be running for President.  I have been an active member, steward, Group Executive and National Director over the last 18 years.  

It’s time for change.   

I have spent the last 3 years on the Board of Directors (BOD) trying to oppose and expose unnecessary spending and to increase member communications and representational services.

Status quo no longer serves our members.  It’s time to refocus our efforts by putting resources into direct representational services and increasing membership engagement, instead of relying on volunteers to carry the load.

Stronger voices.

Consistent advocacy is paramount to best serving members.  Separate employers, remote workers, workplaces without stewards also deserve the collective voice of the Union behind them.  Departmental employees with the same employer should not be treated differently.  The mish mash of responses to the pandemic and 699 leave are prime examples.

As President, I will create formalized structures for advocacy in areas of Consultation, Health and Safety and Discrimination/Harassment, staffed with specialized expertise to provide proactive and timely negotiations with the employer.

No member left behind.

No matter the issue, when a member contacts their union, they should leave feeling heard, empowered with the knowledge to act and secure in knowing that the union has their back.  This is what it means to be truly Better Together

Unfortunately, the Phoenix fiasco exposed a weakness in both the level and timeliness of member services.  Members are still having issues, with no end in sight.  

As President, I will ensure proper staffing levels to address members needs.  I will complement existing services by adding a member hotline to answer routine questions within 24 hours and an Ombudsperson to take concerns or complaints.   

Members deserve timely information

One benefit of the pandemic is that it forced PIPSC to embrace virtual events with recording options.  All members should have access to timely information, regardless of their workplace.

As President, I will create member bulletins on key issues, as well as, a virtual library accessible to all members – dans la language de leur choix

Transparency is key

Members need to know that decisions made by their President are in their best interest.  Therefore, I pledge to:

- Apply a member-centric lens to all decisions;

- Provide truthful and timely answers to questions received; and

- Record all my votes to ensure accountability

Vote for Change!

Facebook “Members for Accountability and Transparency”.

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