Candidate for President – Peter Gilkinson

The views expressed in this biography are those of the candidate and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of PIPSC.


Candidate for President

Peter Gilkinson

(Regular member)

I believe 

  • in being open, transparent and honest
  • that PIPSC belongs to, and should serve the members, and
  • the membership should be listened to

My Plan

  • Financial responsibility – live within our means
  • Ensure there are a sufficient number of Employment Relations Officers (EROs) in each Region
  • Make greater use of virtual meetings to allow greater participation by members and reduce travel costs
  • Promote grassroots member engagement
  • Increase the profile of PIPSC outside the Ottawa area
  • Organize and recruit new groups
  • Counter the negative stories in the media of Unions and Unionism 
  • Reduce member conflict

Policy and bylaw achievements – 2020 and 2021 

  • CLC Committees members selection – (new bylaw 17.12)
    • all members are now advised of the opportunity to be a member of a CLC Committee
    • a selection process is enshrined in the bylaws 
  • Expenditures of more than $500,000 on new Initiatives
    • must now be approved by the PIPSC AGM
  • Employment equity policy for PIPSC employees
    • advocated for and supported the Board motion to establish a policy

My Experience related to the Position

  • Board of Directors – 2015 to 2021
  • Ontario Region Director – 2015 to 2021
  • Pension Committee member – 2020, 2021
  • Finance Committee member – 2015
  • PIPSC steward – 1990 to 2001; 2005 to 2021

One set of rules for all members

  • The President and Vice Presidents are exempt from the Policy on Conduct
  • They have a separate process
  • I would eliminate the exemption

Equal pay for equal work

  • Full time and Part time Vice Presidents have the same duties under bylaw 20.2
  • They will be paid differently starting in 2022
  • I am presenting a bylaw change to the 2021 AGM to require equal pay for equal work

PIPSC Building – 250 Tremblay

  • $893,000 loss – 2020 year 
  • Cumulative loss to 2020 - $10,551,000
  • I would take steps to stop the bleeding

In 2020, our Death Benefit Plan was in a $3.9b surplus – we should be on a “contribution holiday”

  • I paid $443 in 2020
  • PIPSC members pay around $18 million a year
  • It has been “paid up” for at least 10 years

CLC – we should re-evaluate our membership

  • 2020 CLC AGM motion passed a motion supporting the NDP and PIPSC is politically neutral
  • The AGMs are only every three years, so there is a limited ability to participate in the direction of the CLC
  • Our CLC dues in 2020 were - $643,000

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