Candidate for Prairie/NWT Regional Director – Sharon Losinski

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Candidate for Prairie/NWT Regional Director

Sharon Losinski

(Retired member)

My name is Sharon Losinski, I am a past president of the Edmonton AFS subgroup and currently the president of the Edmonton Branch of PIPSC and I am running for Director of the Prairies Northwest Territories region.

I have been the president of the Branch and a member of Prairie Regional Executive since 2013. During my time on the Regional executive I served on the training committee since 2014 and was selected to volunteer on the national finance committee for 5 years. Due to both my position with the finance committee and knowledge of our financial policies I participated in piloted treasurer training and subsequently co-facilitated the training for our region. Our Branch was also instrumental in bringing forth a successful national resolution to ensure small branches had sufficient funding by proposing a new National funding model.

Because the regional offices of PIPSC are located in Edmonton and Winnipeg many Edmonton events required input and investigation by myself and other Branch executive members. Our training events occur alternately in Edmonton and Winnipeg where the PIPSC offices are located. For the regional council in Edmonton at Fort Edmonton Park a substantial amount of the organization was with myself and with Regional Director Nancy McCune.

As I have acted as vice chair of the region from 2016 to 2019, one of the most important reasons for voting for me is the experience and knowledge I have gained from learning the job of Regional Director. It is not enough to want the job of Regional Director, you have to seriously spend your time learning the job. Each event has time constraints that you must meet, venues you must arrange and knowledge of the bylaws and policies always comes into play.

It is also imperative to know what is happening at Board meetings and how it impacts our region in order to represent our region to the fullest degree. I was able to attend a session of the National Training and Education committee to give feedback on developed Leadership training. I also represented Nancy McCune at the AGM for Red Deer. I am very confident that both my experience and my knowledge of the position as well as the institute makes me the best candidate for representing our Region.

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