Candidate for NCR Regional Director – Glen Schjerning

The views expressed in this biography are those of the candidate and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of PIPSC.

Candidate for NCR Regional Director

Glen Schjerning

(Regular member)

My name is Glen Schjerning.  I am a long time, dedicated PIPSC volunteer.  I am running to be a PIPSC Director representing the NCR.  My priorities are to work towards enhancing a Board of Directors which functions as a productive team, keeping PIPSC efficient and cost effective (thus minimising future dues increases) and maximising service to our members, especially effective bargaining.

Professional Experience

  • DND Naval Officer, 1988-1998
  • Civilian Engineer/Project Manager since 1999:
  •      1999-2001 Nuclear Reactor Shift Supervisory, Chalk River Labs
  •      2001-2001 Reactor Operator Certification Officer, CNSC
  •      2003-2021 Project Manager, DND
  • PIPSC Regular Member –starting 1999
  • P Eng.  Accredited Professional Engineer in multiple provinces

PIPSC Experience

  • PIPSC Member (AECL, CNSC and DND) 1999 to present
  • President for the Staff Council for the CNSC.  In 2003 helped initiated and I successfully lead a certification drive to establish the NUREG Group.  
  • PIPSC DND LSTL Branch President 2009-2017
  • PIPSC local LMCC since 2009. Currently Labour Co-Chair
  • PIPSC representative local WHS since 2009. Currently Labour Co-Chair
  • PIPSC DND LSLT NR SG Executive Member, since 2010. Currently SG President
  • PIPSC representative to DND’s ADM(MAT) Engineering Advisory Committee since 2013 to present.  Consultation role, working on Professional Development and hiring DND Engineers
  • PIPSC DND National Team Consultation Team Member since 2015. Currently Navy Sector Rep
  • Chief Steward for the NCR 2014-2018
  • Help establish PIPSC DND NCR Ottawa/Gatineau Branch 2017.  Branch President 2017 to 2019.
  • PIPSC DND National Team Consultation Team Member since 2015. 
  • PIPSC NR Group AC representative  2018-20
  • PIPSC NR Group Executive Member, 2013 to present.  NR Group President 2018-20
  • PIPSC member two consecutive NR Bargaining Teams.  Jan 2018 to present
  • PIPSC NCR Executive, April 2019 to present



Your support will be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Glen Schjerning

As the DND Assistant Deputy Minister (Materials) Engineering Advisory Committee member since 2015, He assisted DND with hiring processes and professional development since 2015.  DND published a welcome guide in Dec 2020 which clearly lets all NR Group new hires know about PIPSC and references Glen Schjerning by name (Please see page 21 of the attached).

In 2020, in honour of the PIPSC 100-year anniversary, PIPSC published a book titled Leading Progress.  Glen Schjerning efforts were documented in that book.  (Please refer to pages 148 and 149 in the attached).

Original submitted by the candidate