Candidate for President – Gary Corbett

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Candidate for President

Gary Corbett

(Retired member)

Fellow Members,

It is a tremendous privilege to re-offer my experience, knowledge, and dedication as I seek support to return as your President.

As your President and CEO (2009-2013), Vice President (2005-2009, 2019-2021) and as an experienced ethics practitioner, I dedicated myself to delivering integrity, fairness, and transparency. When employers treated you unfairly, I led PIPSC to challenge and correct the wrong. With you, I opposed unfair management practices and presented your cases to Parliament and in the National media. When your jobs were threatened, and you’re necessity and credibility attacked, I directed PIPSC to act in the courts building strong, lasting alliances and support.

Using my years of experience as your leader, I dedicated myself to building an organization of integrity which fairly and equally serves all members, positioning PIPSC to stand above unjust practices and prejudice no matter where they occur. And, although unpopular, I even questioned PIPSC when it failed to serve you openly and transparently. My mantra is to make PIPSC a more fair, democratic and ethical organization. Together we positioned PIPSC on the moral high ground, credibly challenging the nonsensical practices of Government that do not support a world-class public service.

When I was on your President, PIPSC was far stronger. You were front and center in the bargaining process; many contracts were successfully won with your direct input. We fought together bringing all of the Institute’s resources to bear, staunchly opposing egregious employer acts including the contracting out of IT Professional Jobs; the wholesale decimation of our government’s science community, and the many unfair staffing actions endured by our AFS community. Guided by union values, we fought side by side to win fair contracts and to make-right those policies, decisions, and activities that ran counter to union values.

As your newly elected returning President, I will use all of my knowledge, experience and skill to bring the focus of our organization back on your needs. I will work tirelessly to ensure that your bargaining teams are heard as we move forward together. I will place the focus back on improving your terms and conditions of employment. I will fight for your pension and for safe worksites. Together we will negotiate better pay, improved benefits and sensible work-from-home provisions.

Today, I solicit your vote so that I may bring those union values back to PIPSC and better represent you.

Gary R. Corbett
B.Sc., M.Eng.

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